28 Oct 2011

My Three Guidelines

     Every piece of advice I've read for aspiring writers has a few things in common.
The first thing is they tell you to read, read, and read some more. The second thing is that you have to stop reading their blogs and start writing. While I agree with both of these statements, I think there's a few things they seem to leave out. So here are my three guidelines I use to keep myself writing. Patent pending
(just kidding)
     1. Writing is supposed to be fun, when it stops being fun. You stop writing. (See how it works.)    
     2. Remember why you first started writing, you had a story to tell. Always remember that so that you don't end up writing for other reasons or people. If your writing just to become a famous writer,(well good luck.)
     3.Find out what inspires you and use it. Everything from music to movies inspires me. When I went to the movies and saw `Real Steel.` One line inspired me to write 2,000 words in my manuscript that night. (Now I can`t vouch for anyone else but 2,000 words in a few hours is a big deal for me.)
 I guess what I`m trying to say through this is that writing isn't about rules, or even getting published. It`s about telling the story that God gave you to tell. So what are you waiting for, get writing.

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