25 Oct 2011

     Okay, so I really have no idea what to write for my first post. Most author blogs that I checked out started after their already known and selling books, but since I am still unknown. I 'll guess I 'll start by introducing myself, my name is Skye Hoffert. ( If you couldn't already figure that out by the title of this blog.) I'm a seventeen year old, self published author, who is trying to become a published author (you know like they pay me.) 
     Currently I am working on my sequel to my first book. 'A Shadow of Doubt' a fantasy, fiction novel about a young Shadow named Saber. Who is trying to unscramble the secrets of his past. So I hope that helps clear up who I am. I wanted to write this blog to give other teen writers like myself, a glimpse into my own journey through the struggles of trying to get published and as a way to connect with my readers.
( Not that I'm so conceited to assume that I have any)  I mean I have friends and family who have read it.
So ya.

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