21 Nov 2011

Mindless Mondays

     So it's been awhile since I posted anything. I wish I could say it's because I've been so busy, but to be honest I haven't really done anything noteworthy in last week and a half. I pretty much have been doing the usual slacking and snacking. I am trying to finish up my grade 12 year but don't assume that it's super hard or anything because I only have half a course of Spanish left. (but if you heard me go on about it you would think I was dying.) Yesterday was a really awesome day for me, because opportunity hit me on the head ( I mean literally, it hit me on the head)
     I was up in my room trying to read the driver's manual, and trying  to build up my courage to finally get my L. When my brother came in , now for those who don't know me this is very unusual. Since me and my brother have an agreement to stay 50 yards away from each other. ( lol just kidding we're not that bad)
Anyway, just as I was going to ask him what he wanted, he threw something at me. Now I don't know about the rest of you but I tend to dodge flying projectiles, but by happenstance it hit me anyway. So I picked up what he threw at me and was about to chuck it back, when I just happen to see what it was.
    It was the new Zelda game, to say I was ecstatic is an understatement. I kinda just sat there speechless for a few moments. My brother explained that it was my Christmas present/ birthday present. I started jumping up and down and chased him down the stairs and gave him a bear hug. He managed to weasel his way out of it but he was smiling. He said he gave it to me early so  I could rub it in my best friend's face since she won't get it till Christmas. So Krystal if your reading this ( MUA Ha ha )
     I guess you could say I was pleasantly surprised by my brother. ( He has his moments, not many of them but he does have them)  So anyway I played from about 9:30 till 1:30, and I love it, it's kinda a cross between Wind Waker and Orcarina of Time. I think I might like it more then Zelda, Twilight Princess (which is saying a lot ) So buy the game it's worth it, and if your not a Zelda fan, Skyward sword is the perfect game to start with. Who knows you might become like the rest of us Zelda junkies. ( Yes I know sucky Zelda picture, I took it myself)


  1. hi skye its your mnm you have to tell me what the new zelda is like and if they get married and if it is easy or not and you hafe to tell me what its like because when krissy gets it i whaunt get to play it tell she is dun.any ways by by love your blog p.s keep n writing

  2. Hey MnM, I miss you so much. The new Zelda is awesome, its pretty simple so far. I'm only at the forest temple so well see how it goes. It is really cool you get to answer questions a lot more and you can actually sit. lol Zelda's pretty funny lol She pushes Link off of things a lot.
    Kick Krystal off and play she needs a break

  3. HI SKYE!
    Oh man I want this game! But do you need a Wii Motion Sensor thing to go along with it? That's the only reason I've been wary about sticking it on my Christmas list.
    Anyways I'm still reading that excerpt you sent me! And I love it! Keep writing!! :D

  4. Hey LukerAtTheI,
    The game is awesome, but sadly yes you need a Wii motion sensor. I don't think that a Wii motion sensor cost that much on it's own probably the same as a numchuk about $10. There is a Zelda bundle available complete with a gold controller and Wii motion plus extension. It's about $75 dollars but if you waited till after Christmas I'm sure the price will drop. The Motion Plus is really fun, it allows you to participate in the Game world a lot more. Things like pulling the Master sword out actually take some action from you it's cool.
    Thank-you for reading the excerpt, Joss ;) I'm glad you like it.