31 Dec 2011

Happy New Years !!!

     I wish I could say that I accomplished a lot in 2011, but I would be lying. I didn't actually finish anything I set out to finish. I was supposed to graduate two weeks ago and now it will probably be January 2 before I'm done. I was supposed to have my sequel and work in progress done, but both are probably only half way done. In spite of all this I had a  surprisingly  good year. I went to Africa on a mission trip, I got my braces off, changed a billion diapers, and got lice. See not all of the things I did were good, some were even disturbing.
     The point I'm trying to make here is that everything I did in 2011 helped me build character and shaped me in some way. Even the things I didn't enjoy, like lice and diapers and getting puked on at 6:00 am by my adorable baby brother. They all showed me what I can handle. Which seems to be a lot in my opinion. If I couldn't learn anything from an experience, well it makes great writing material ;).
    Anyway I made a short list of my New Years Resolutions, trust me when I say there a little off beat.

1.  Learn to drive. ( I'm serious I'm going to do it )
2. Learn to pick a lock with a paper clip. ( this is my favorite one I mean you never know, right)
3. Learn to hot wire a car, just to say I could. ( This one is kinda a joke because you actually can't do this to the new cars, but my dad said he'd teach me on his old work van. How awesome is that)
4. Learn to play Piano ( I can just see myself at Carnegie Hall in like 50 years)
5. Finish my books because people are getting mad at me, and I want to finish them.
6.  To be happy and not take life for granted ( because it's a gift)

7. To always remember W.W. J. D in every situation and to act accordingly. So to pretty much mirror Jesus and become a better person. ( That means What  Would Jesus Do, for those of you who don't know ;) )
     Well that's it I hope you enjoyed them. No I'm not going to become a criminal, I just watch too many spy movies. Notice how four of them are learning things. So 2012 should be pretty fun and challenging.

                                  Happy New Years, everybody! What are you're resolutions    



  1. hi skye i love your new revalushons these are so of mine 1 to help my rabbite lose 5 pounds and to get 80 in the end of the year for my final report card.

  2. Hey m.n.m I love your resoulutions too. I am totally sure that you'll get an 80 on your final report card because your smarter than me. I have no hope for your rabbit though I mean maybe two pounds, but he eats way to much junk food and is a bit of a couch potato.

  3. Ohhh for a resolution I'd LOVE to finish my comic (I think I'm almost a third of the way done!), learn how to use Flash (then I can animate stuff!) and maybe play the piano more, too. xD

  4. Hey Guess Who, I totally agree with you finishing your comic. I can't wait till you finish it so I guess it's kinda a race me with my books and you with your comic. Oh and you are so totally awesome on the piano, you can play the Star Wars theme song, your my Hero. Oooo Animation sounds awesome luvs.