19 Jan 2012

Thoughtless Thursdays

    Hey all , haven't written much lately, but I have been pretty busy. I got my assessed manuscript from my editor. So I've been busy editing my first book. She went pretty easy on me, but still did an incredible job on my book. So I'm pretty excited to begin the revisions.
     Is any one else out there jazzed for the ' Hunger Games' I haven't read the books yet but  they are on the top of my list. I saw the preview and I was like an awesome heroine who knows how to use a bow and arrow, trying her best to survive a sick, twisted game concocted by a corrupt government. Awesome, my kind of story. So here's the preview.  
   I had a very interesting week.  My little brother who is only nine months  has finally found his legs, and is learning how to get on his knees and use the couch to stand on. It really scared me  when I found him in the bathroom, I mean gross.
    I got finger printed by my little sister the other day. My thoughts were ' I didn't know you could do that with a felt' and ' I wonder if I did that when I was her age'. She is all into to spy's and stuff right now, I try to humor her because I know it won't last.
    I have finally finished all the stuff I had to do to graduate. Now I have free time to write waste time on YouTube. Another thing I've been putting valuable time into lately is reading. Well all the blogs I've read said that writers have to read so I do. A series I'm really into right now is 'A Charmed Life' by Jenny b. Jones. They are hilarious I have never laughed so hard at a book before. No other book I ever read has a protagonist who runs into the woods at night  after a bunch of possibly psychotic football players in a pink outfit and heels, so she can get more clues to piece together the mystery. Bella Kirkwood is hilarious and so is her crazy life. I would highly recommend these books if your looking for a light, funny read. This series has it all adventure, comedy, romance, and drama.
     I have only read the first two and  I am still begging my parents for the third because. I am jobless and broke. Besides begging is perfectly dignified but for some reason only if your a dog. What's with that?


  1. When you say awesome are you talking about the Hunger Games Preview, if you are then I totally agree.

  2. Movie trailers and pictures!

  3. If everybody used pictures instead of words the world would be a better place, right Crash. Then you would never have to read.;)

  4. That's what I have been trying to tell everybody.
    The world needs more pictures!
    (words hurt my brain)