7 Feb 2012

Criticism, Relient K, and Chronic Tacos???

      If you think I was just trying to be random with the title your wrong. February has been a crazy month for me this far. I'll try not to bore you too much with the details. First of all, I got my first serving of hard cold criticism. You see I entered a writing contest, one of those that you actually have to pay to enter. I worked pretty hard on editing my entry and tweaking it to what I thought was perfection.
Eat the chronic taco
     I guess I was maybe a little over confident when I sent in my entry. I mean I have written a book and paid someone to publish it after all how could I lose. ( jk I personally don't think that highly of myself)    So a couple months later I got the dreaded results to find that four judges had read and scoured my little two chapter entry.
    Well out of a 1 to 10 scale to of them gave me a 1 and the other two gave me a 9 and a 8 but only if I applied their changes. So I guess you could say that's not that bad, and  you'd be right to only I couldn't look past the 1's to see that I had gotten some good points too. So for a couple days afters this I moped about the house and talked about sending my application into Mcdonalds or even better Walmart. Because lets face, I have no future as a writer now.
    All because some judge I didn't even know didn't like my story.  I know I can be a little pathetic, but seriously he asked if one of my characters was sober. Because of that I am assuming this judge is a guy,because when your a girl it doesn't mean your drunk when your overly happy one minute and pouring on tears the next. He obviously needs to get a girlfriend, sheesh.
   Anyway you'll be happy to know that I forgave Mr. Judge, jk.  Actually I learned that  I shouldn't always take criticism as a direct hit at me but rather as the helpful advice it should be. I know that some criticism is unnecessary and destructive but some of it can be very helpful. The best thing to do about it is to take the good and leave the bad. Don't be afraid to take advice just because of your own pride. Sometimes  the people telling you this really do know what their talking about. So when you do or say anything be prepared to be wrong.
   Okay so I've been listening to a lot of old Relient K songs, I love these guys their Christian, funny, and have great music. One funny thing I noted with two of theirs songs is something probably only I would notice because I`m kinda a freak. Is on the song (Nancy Drew) their singing about how they love Nancy Drew and want to date her. Then on (A Penny Loafer saved is a Penny Loafer earned), their signing about how they hate Penny Loafer`s. Which is what Nancy Drew wears so no wonder she wouldn`t date the guy he made fun of their shoes.
    Anyway, so we have a new Taco place called (Chronic Taco) does anyone else think that is a horrible  name for a taco place it makes me think of chronic diarrhea. I had one of their taco`s and now I`m having slight indigestion. Please pray for me.


    wow that sounds bad! xD Oh man, I hope you're not dying of a chronic illness!

  2. Lol, I actually survived believe it or not. Still I think that's the last time I'm eating there.

  3. No doubt!! xD
    (also have you checked your email recently..? :3 )

  4. Yes, I have, I loved chapter 19 and 1. I will send you an email going into more details about how much tonight. I was travelling yesterday so ya

  5. All right! I just wanted to make sure you got it okay!
    Oh right I forgot to mention how I love the picture you have. xD

  6. I bet you like the tacos deep down inside

  7. Acute taco might sound beta, I guess