3 Apr 2012

My thoughts on the Hunger Games

      I don't really know where to start with this one. It seems like everything that could be said about the Hunger Games has already been said. I haven't read the books yet, so I feel like my opinion doesn't matter as much as those hard core fans. As a newcomer to the whole Hunger Games craze. I have a unbiased opinion towards the movie, because I will not be able to compare it to the book.
     I do happen to know that movies in my opinion, are never as good as the book because they have to cut so much out of it to make it flow.
     Anyway, back to the movie itself. I for one had no idea how huge the Hunger Games was going to be. I went and saw it with my best friend on the first Tuesday it was out because I thought we would miss the opening night crowds. By the time we got to the theater, the line to get in was wrapped around the building. Luckily we purchased our tickets the night before, or we wouldn't have gotten in. We left our coats on the seats, when we went to get concession. The funny thing was we were more worried about our seats getting stolen then our coats.
    The movie itself was inspiring, I really liked Katniss's character, especially the scene where she volunteers to save her sister. I also enjoyed the sarcastic Haymitch. The shaky camera movements, made it seem like you were part of the action and let you see things through Katniss's eyes. The violence felt very realistic and made you feel for the characters. Even though it's a movie centered around the very violent Hunger Games. The camera pulls away from a lot of the blood shed. This movie was gritty with diverse character's and a well developed plot. I would definitely see it again. A must see.

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  1. Eeee sounds like fun!!!! :3