27 Jan 2013

  I promised myself that I was going to keep up with my blog this year. Note to self: I never keep promises that I make to myself. So any way I had a great start to the year. I did a ten day lemon cleanse, and was so hungry I almost killed someone on the seventh day. Thanks to my mom and crime dramas I made it through.
   I also got my learners, I know what your thinking  'Aren't you like 18?' Yes, but I like to go against the current and I was a little scared. So on December 21, 2012 the day the world as we know it came to an end Skye Hoffert got her license. I have only driven twice since that day once in a parking lot and once on a winding moutain road with way too many cars.
    I don't really like driving and I scream a lot, but everyone seems to think it's 'important' so I'll go along with it for their sake. Yesterday we took my little sister snowboarding for the first time. She did great, but I haven't been in four or five years and I'm feeling it today. Most of yesterday I spent like this.  

I'm still trying to figure out if  35 bucks is too much to spend to feel this great. Writing wise I've finished my synopsis probably the worst thing about writing, and I did it without throwing my computer in the trash so I say that's a victory. Planning for my blog to be more weekly, maybe every  Monday or something. I don't know don't get too excited. ;)


  1. Haha after seeing that picture i am starting to think maybe your nickname should be Crash. Anyway I'm glad to see you started writing your blog again. I thought maybe you were abducted by the magical elf who stole your socks. Then again you would have told me about that... right?

  2. Well ya I actually did have a run in with an elf before, but I'm still not totally sure if that was real or not. I thought it was the leprechauns who stole your socks and no I wouldn't tell you, that's an embarrassing thing to share.