5 Feb 2013

My Writerly Drink

I know I said weekly... well I'm one day short. Anyway it doesn't matter because I'm going to share a recipe. It's a recipe for my favorite Ginger Chia, that my mom kinda made up. Anyway it's amazing, sweet, warm, and healthy. Perfect for those long nights when I'm writing and I'm not allowed caffeine.

Yes I know this is a bad picture
 You will need

 Fresh Ginger

Milk or Milk replacement


Cinnamon, Cloves, and Nutmeg

So what you do to make this concoction. Is first cut up some fresh ginger chunks, then pour boiling water on it. You can leave it for a couple hours or all night depending how strong you want it. I prefer all night. Then you mix it with a cup of water. Then you warm about a cup and a half of milk. I use almond milk because I'm apparently lactose intolerant. It also kind of adds to the flavor at least that's what my mom tells me. Then you add in a bit of the ginger water not sure how much just not all, then a tablespoon or two of honey. The you sprinkle in cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon. Make sure to put in more cinnamon than cloves and nutmeg. I can't give you exact amounts because me and my mom both use guessemanation. Code for we don't know, Just try it out until it tastes good. Enjoy!  


  1. Wow not many comments on this blog post... I think thats a sign lol. This drink sounds a little to healthy for me but who knows maybe I would like it. I just dont think I would ever make it for myself.

  2. You'll hate it Crash so don't make it . In fact your not even allowed to it's just for writers. Hence the name.

  3. HAY!!! hertful... I can rite my nam. i"m allso the goodest speler in my clss. I culd be a riter if i wantted two. :( You are meen lol jk.

    Don't worry I wont try your silly little drink. Apparently when you become a writer your taste buds pack up and leave your mouth lol