17 Apr 2013

Villainous yet Endearing Characters Part 1

     I realized the other day that I adore conflicted characters. Not just those ones that are evil then turn predictably good at the end of the story. No, I'm talking about those hardcore semi- villains. That by a twist of events, their own stupidity, or choices that they made become villains.
Yes I'm serious 

     Though through all this they manged to retain a streak of goodness, or do a kind act that makes you still love them regardless of their flaws. Not all of these characters have or deserve happy endings. Some of them redeem themselves, and others turn to the dark side. So without further ado, here's some of my favorite villainous characters. (Spoilers lots of them so beware.)

Darth Vader/Anikan Skywalker
I love him as a kid, dislike him as a teen
   Yes I love Star Wars. Darth Vader is an infamous and prime example of conflicted characters. He starts out as a cute little boy. Whose dreams come true, when he finds out he may become a Jedi. Then it is discovered that he is the chosen one who will bring about the end of the Sith.
    Now this is where it gets interesting, because the prophesy never said how he would do that. Paving the way for him to become this rebellious Padawan, who out of fear ends up bringing about his wife's death. Killing a dozen young Jedi,and losing his legs and arms at his master's hands. Then he becomes Darth Vader a Sith Lord with an axe to grind. He kills his Master ( RIP Obi-wan).  Yet he redeems himself in the end by killing the Sith Lord over him and saving his son. thus fulfilling the prophesy as well. 

 First let me say that I liked the books better than Eragon the movie. This is not at all how I envisioned Murtagh in the books, but I put up the picture from the movie for convenience sake.
Loved his character development as he dwelt with being Eragon's brother, and how he felt Eragon got the easy life while he was raised by Gabatorix.
   Then you discover that he and Eragon are only half brothers. Making him feel even more put out. He does save Eragon's life a few times.Has a sort of bad boy complex, but does try hard to do good. He was born on the wrong side and so I feel he was almost more of a hero than Eragon.  I was hoping he would have a happy ending after him and Nasada formed an understanding. Not to be, though because he rides off on his Dragon Thorn into the wilderness with no plan of returning.
Rumpelstiltskin/ Mr. Gold 
    I just starting watching 'Once Upon a Time' and for all it's faults and sometimes eye rolling cheesy lines. I found myself hooked. Now to clarify, I really disliked Rumple for the first 
odd episodes. He was in my mind more evil than Regina the evil queen and main villain.
    He still is evil, but also funny in a disturbing way. He was a great villain, with an awesome accent as Mr. Gold. Then more of his back story was revealed, showing him as a coward who made stupid decisions in desperation. He used to have a wife and a son, before he became 'the dark one'.
    Having a coward with immense power has always lead to disaster. Everything was rather predictable about him until I watched 'Skin Deep' an episode about him and Belle. Putting him in place of the beast brought about a whole new element in his character. I actually was rooting for him and felt bad for him by the end of the episode.   
     I don't know if he will be redeemed at the end of the show but I hope so.  Plus he calls Belle, 'Dearie' which is my favorite pet name to use. Reminiscent of Jack Sparrow. I think my reason for liking these types of characters, is because their so similar to us.
     Their not perfect, and make a lot of mistakes, and usually require a miracle or Godly intervention to be saved from their evil ways. They can't help themselves and have the choice of whether they will accept the help or not. Just like Jesus's sacrifice it all comes down to a simple choice.

( Note- I do not agree or support all of the content that the characters mentioned above are in. Some of the content, does not agree with my beliefs. Viewer discretion is always advised. )



  1. Ahh I love 2 of the 3 guys on here! I haven't watched Once Upon a Time, though.

  2. You have to watch it! It's awesome.

  3. Ohh, now I want to watch Eragon....we were given it by somebody, given the DVD anyways.
    This was an awesome post. I'm inspired now to do my own favorite villains post. ;)

  4. The book is better but the movie is still pretty good.Thanks for reading it. Cool,I can't wait for your post.Gotta love our villains XD