28 May 2013


     Heroes can be made, born, or undone. As a writer you get to decide their fate. This might seem simple when you start out, but as characters grow so do their flaws and insecurities. If your one of those people who writes your heroes with no flaws. No one will like them because they won't be able to relate to them.
    So to make sure that people like your characters. You have to give them unlikable qualities. Moody, uncooperative, stubborn to the point of being stupid. I'm not saying to make them unbearable, just human.This applies to the physical aspect as well. Don't be afraid to give your heroes scars, crooked teeth, and other physical imperfections that you can actually see. I never liked the cliched heroes so be creative.
Scars and a ferret= awesome

Pointed ears and hairy feet, not the usual trademarks of a hero.

Not sure if he counts as a hero
Gold teeth and way too much eye makeup still the best.

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