3 May 2013

Villainous yet Endearing Characters Part 2

  Finding good examples of conflicted characters is actually tougher than I thought. I managed to scrape up more so... without further ado.

    A great example of split personality disorder. A good lesson in what obsession and sin can do to you. Gollum's story is a sad one with an unhappy ending. The fact that his whole miserable existence brought about the destruction of the ring.
My precioussss
     Is the only  good thing he really did, and he had to die to do that anyway. By the end of the movie I always feel bad for him. He did kill his best friend for the ring try to eat Bilbo, and tried to kill Frodo at least three times. He has this kind of child like quality. That makes you think that maybe he didn't mean to and that the ring is to blame. Then he does something stupid again and you know he's hopeless. That doesn't stop me from rooting for him every time I watch LOTR. 

   He has major daddy issues. He's a prince but he has to play second fiddle to his brother. So amidst all of this teenage angst. He finds out that he was adopted and he's actually part Frost Giant. How can he not become a silver tongued villain?
    He can't muwhaa. I still think he'll come around in the end. I don't think he completely hates his brother.  I do want to know if Thor and him are having a competition. Trying to see who can grow their hair the longest. As seen in the new trailer, they both are overdue for a trim.  
I'm pathetic I know, another character from Once Upon a Time. I'm a little stuck on this show, don't judge me. Truth is I hate Hook's guts right now.
   He shot Belle the only person who loves Rumpelstiltskin unconditionally. She lost her memory. She doesn't remember, who she is and she broke chip. I think Rumple almost cried. Not that I can blame Hook.
   Rumple was the one who cut off his hand, and pulled out his true love's heart and crushed it right in front of him. He stole Rumple's wife though to be fair. He's established himself as a villain from his first appearance. He only cares about getting revenge so far and is very self serving.
   He stole Jack Sparrow's eyeliner and did away with the Disney Hook's cliched bad guy mustache. I still think he's a redeemable, he's cocky and tries to get through life on charm alone. He's also kind of stupid and has gotten beaten up a lot. I think those are his finer points and keep me from wanting him to end up in a watery grave. 

Well hope you enjoyed this journey into my inner geek, turns out that it's not all that hidden.






  1. Gollum/Smeagol, perfect example!!! That character...he is so sad. :'(

  2. Thanks, yea poor old Smeagol

  3. Well I'm not that far in Once Upon a Time yet but I was never really a fan of the cartoon Hook... but whatever you say, maybe the new Hook is redeemable lol ;p

  4. What the cartoon Hook is awesome, he has a mustache. I think all the bad characters are redeemable. Even the evil queen.