29 Oct 2013


  It's been a while. Life has gotten chaotic, good news though I have been writing. I feel like I deserve a medal or something. I also joined NaNoWriMo, for those of you who don't know what that is. It's a website where a bunch of authors plan and try to write a novel in a month and it tracks your progress and you can talk and yell at your writing buddies. They also can talk and yell at you to keep you on track so ya its pretty cool.
  I'm going to do something I have never done before and put some snippets of my writing in this post to show you what I've been working on. If they suck or have poor grammar I apologize. Most of my writing happens late at night or early in the morning. Without further ado. Oh, and if you have no idea who these characters are read my first book it's available on Amazon.http://www.amazon.ca/A-Shadow-of-Doubt-ebook/dp/B004P1JSWG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1383072811&sr=8-1&keywords=A+Shadow+of+doubt
 Apparently its only like $3.00 so help support a starving author and buy it, or don't I don't control you.
The Calm before the Storm Snippets

 "I forgot about this one." He squinted at Finn, "A quiet one, no wonder he slipped my mind.
Not injured though seems to have had some kind of mental breakdown. " 
 " He exhausted his abilities." Saber said hoping to help Twigdorwth's somewhat selective memory.
"Tragic, you think he would know better than that. He doesn't look that bad off though." He lifted one of Finn's arms up and let it go. It flopped back against his side. "Then again he seems to be having an issue with mobility." Twigdorwth said with a click of his tongue. 
"I think I can help him."


     " I hope she wakes up soon, it's a bother to have to carry her everywhere. Considering her legs are unharmed." Twigdorwth muttered as he stepped through the portal and vanished from view. 


      "This will shock you Eririon, but  I need you to remain calm for the sake of the injured." He turned and took a deep breath before meeting their gaze. "I am old."
      Eririon's eyes went wide, and laughter bubbled out of him in a raucous river.
     " I am old," Twigdorwth repeated with a quirked eyebrow. " Because of that I tire easy and the transformation is complicated and takes immense focus and energy. Having the ability to morph is not without its faults."
      "I will support that theory." Neera said, she blew a strand of hair out of her eye revealing another bleeding scratch on her cheek.


Ah, so his resentment of you cut deeper than your skin I see.” He pulled his sword back an inch. “I’m sure he’ll forget all about his disappointment in you, when I bring him your head.” He gripped his sword with two fists and swung at Saber’s exposed neck.


       “I’m glad he’s coming, he tends to blame himself for things that aren’t his fault.” Gabriella glanced over at Twigdorwth. “What happened to him?”
      Eririon grimaced. “Twigdorwth thinks that we shouldn’t be bringing another girl with us, something about it bringing about our doom.
     Gabriella’s eyes narrowed, but then she let out a laugh. “I’m flattered that he thinks we can accomplish all that just because were girls.” 


     Saber repeated the steps. He tried to squish the water, but when he opened his hands the water was gone. He wiped his wet hands on his breeches.
      Fin shrugged, “You are only a Halfling.”


     “I wouldn’t feel too bad about it Saber. I’m sure you’re not the first or the last person that this has happened too. Perhaps it’s the Creator’s way of telling you that she is the one you are destined to fall in love with. Perhaps you will get married and then just when you think life is all as it is supposed to be she will kill you in your sleep.”





    good job doing a NaNoWriMo!
    I like your snippets a lot! especially the last one. "she will kill you in your sleep" made me laugh hehehee.

  2. Thanks your so sweet. Twigdorwth has a thing against girls, so fun to write ;)