15 Jan 2014

Book Worm

 I stole this from Amanda over at http://ramblingsofawaywardauthor.blogspot.ca/ 
Her blog is awesome.

 10 Bookish Questions

1: The first character you fell in love with (not romantically).

Gwen from 'The Door Within'

2: The character you never expected to love as much as you do now.

Gollum from the 'Lord of the Rings' too many mixed feelings.

3: The character everyone else loves but you don't.

 Tris from 'Divergent' I can't stand her.

4: The character you love that no one else does.

Haymitch from 'The Hunger Games' one word sarcasm.

5: The character you used to love but don't anymore.

I'd have to say Bonnie from 'Dragons in our Midst'.
I used to love her, but now I think she's a one dimensional character.
It could be that I've just gotten older.  
6: The character you would totally smooch (not my words).

Top of my head. Chris Buckley from 'The Solitary Tales'. Oh, and Azreal from ' Paper Hearts' a yet to be released novel by Mirriam Neal. I love him. I could go on.

7: The character you most want to be like.

Sherlock Holmes?

8: The character you'd slap.

Pastor Jeremiah Marsh also from 'The Solitary Tales'.
I might disappear after, but it would be so worth it. 

 9: A pairing you despise.

I can't think of a specific one. So anyone that is predictable. I hate predictability.

10: A pairing you love.

My all time favorite paring is on a T.V show not in a book.

If I have to pick a book pairing I'd say Beckett and Finley from 'There you'll find me'

That was fun I'll have to do it again in ten years.

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