23 Feb 2014

My Geeky Bucket List

  1.  Tour Middle earth with Legolas and Gimli
  2. Become a Jedi 
  3.  Become a companion of the Doctor (The 10th preferably)
  4. Solve a case with Sherlock
  5. Learn to fight like River Tam
  6. Write a book under the alias Richard Castle
  7. Get an archery lesson from Robin Hood
  8. Have a duel with Jack Sparrow
  9. Have a tea party with the Mad Hatter
  10. Visit Miracle Max
  11. Sit in a lecture taught by Dr. Jones
  12. Live in Solitary
  13. Train a Dragon
  14. Meet Puddleglum
  15. Visit Storybrook
  16. Work for Raymond Reddigton
  17. Magic lessons from Merlin
  18. Call Coulson
  19. Become one of the Avengers
  20. Give Wolverine a hug( He needs one)
  21. Have a debate with Spencer Reid
  22. Plan a heist with Danny Ocean and Rusty
  23. Become friends with the A-team( Besties with Murdoch)
  24. Taser people with Veronica Mars
  25. Go on a quest with Link, hero of time
  26. Get Master Chief's autograph
  27. Eat a Arnold's drive in
  28. Visit Loki in Prison
  29. Go on a five year voyage on the Enterprise
  30. Save Prim
  31. See the floating Lanterns
  32. Find out how Joker got his Scars
  33. Become a Dragon Rider 
I saw some of these online and decided to make one. I'm sorry that I'm so weird.


  1. This is AWESOME. XD The Wolverine one elicited quite an 'awww' from me. XD

    1. Thanks for reading it and visiting my blog. I'm such a geek, and as for Wolverine he has had such a hard life. I feel like a simple hug could solve all his problems, or at the very least put a big, goofy grin on his face.

  2. Wow I haven't been on here in forever!
    First of all Geeky Bucket List I think NOT! This is the most amazing thing that I have ever read!!!!
    As for the villains they are amazing. I'm so glad that I'm not the only freak out there who loves these characters Peter Pan, Pastor Marsh, The Joker and of course RED!!! I love these guys. Your 10 bookish questions was fun to read too... even if I haven't even read ten books and have really no idea what your talking about. And finally the Robin Hood F.U.N. song I laughed so hard it was ridiculous. Its hard to believe something so simple could bring so much joy lol