18 Feb 2014

Villians: Part 2

    Time for more of my favorite malicious baddies.

   The Joker
     Joker is a very straight forward villain. His intentions are very clear. He wants to watch the world burn. He doesn't have a goal, that's what makes him dangerous. He doesn't even have a sense of self preservation.
    He would love it if Batman killed him, because he would destroy the principles that Batman stands on. In turn he would destroy Batman.
     He lives up to his name. He likes to play games. He has a sadistic sense of humor. In the movie his back story is muddled. He has no redeeming moments, and by the end of the movie I find myself wishing someone would kill him. Which is of course just what he wants.

Pastor Marsh
     This villain isn't well known but probably one of the creepiest I have ever found in a book. There is something unnerving when a pastor isn't what they seem. The main character, Chris gets a bad vibe off of him from the get go. He leads a church that is the only one in Solitary and we are told that you won't find any mention of God in that building.
     I don't have a picture of him, but the writer does an excellent job of describing him.

     'A monster slipped into our house this morning while I was asleep, and he came through the front door. I'm walking down the stairs in my sweats, and I see him standing in the living room. The narrow weasely face.The square cool guy glasses. The short cool guy hair. For a second I think I'm dreaming.
     "Good morning Chris," the politician-I mean piranha-I mean pastor says.'
     These books are awesome just read them, and you'll know what I'm talking about. They have a creepy pastor, if that doesn't say read me I don't know what does. Pastor Marsh even has a nice little novella written about him. It's best read after you have read at least one of the Solitary Tales books.
    Yes I'm a Trekkie too. I have watched the new films and five of the old films the original 'Wrath of  Khan' was among them. I have also watched a fair bit of the original shows. Spock, Kirk, Bones, and Data and Picard are awesome. 
      My dad watches Doctor Who with me so I watch Star Trek with him. Well okay I like it just as much as he does. So Khan, ya where do I start. He is a 'proper villain' in both movies. I like the portrayal of  Khan in the new one better only because he shows some humanity. He's violent and intense. I can't say too much about him without giving away everything. He's cold and unforgiving, Benedict the actor who portrayed him did an outstanding job as usual. When he cries in this scene I felt appropriately sad. That is odd for me.
    A shade who gets his power from evil spirits. He is a weapon and a pawn used by Galbitorix. I like his appearance more than his character, because he screams evil. His hair is simply fabulous and his wardrobe. I always loved that he underestimated Eragon, only to be defeated by him. The irony gets me every time.

     How is it the same guy anyway, I will close with him. Until next time...



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