21 Mar 2014

Confessions of the Romanticaly Challenged

    You probably looked at that title and thought, 'she's going to write about her boy problems.' Well have no fear because I'm writing about something far worse. My character's...boy...problems. (An awkward moment where I clear my throat.)
     It's weird I know, but my life is weird to be fair.
     My mom always says,"I hope you'll get married some day."
     I say, "I wouldn't worry about it." with a sarcastic smile.
     My dad asks if there is anyone he has to worry about. I looked at the sky wistfully and tell him that unless a Tardis lands in the yard, he has no need to be concerned.
     I am happy with my life at present. My dilemma happens to be because of  Melissa and Tyler. This is the part that I should tell you all that I have never written any kind of romance before. This is the first book I'm writing that has a love story sub plot.
     I'm the only person I know that loves tragedy. I like it when the main girl dies and the guy is left crying over her grave. I find it poetic in a way. So of course I would create a perfect couple for my book only to ruin it with words like abuse, damaged, depression, drugs. All of those lovely things are mixed up with a one good thing 'love'.
     I wanted a book that explored a bad relationship. A relationship that was not good for either person. A toxic, warped version of a fairytale. Now before you start thinking that I've gone through some kind of bad relationship let me reassure you that I haven't. I do know that it happens and I do know people who have experienced one.
       Anyway back to the problem this is the unlucky couple.
At the start of  'Grace like Rain', they aren't together. Melissa is trying to distance herself from Tyler. There was another incident and this time it wasn't something she could brush off.
      He is becoming possessive and even follows her to her dad's house. They have on and off relationship, Melissa always goes back to him. They are both self destructive by nature and have their share of insecurities.
    If you think you heard this one before don't worry it has a twist.(that you'll have to wait for the book to find out.) My problem is that as always my characters became very real to me and now it's hard to write all the things I had planned for these characters. I didn't write Tyler as an ultimate scumbag like I had intended, he has multiple layers.
    He does love Melissa, they just don't know how to love each other properly. Now every time I write it's like my characters are giving me these looks.
  I know your supposed to kill your darlings. Hurt, maim, and drag them through the proverbial mud. It's usually fun in some demented way, but if you really care. If your story is going to impact anyone, you usually cry and get depressed over your characters. They have a bit of you in them after all.
   Now that everyone knows how crazy I am, if  you have any suggestions I welcome the help. I promised some snippets. So sorry this post is so long, but here are some anyways.

    Tyler stands in front of us looking like a wreck. His eyes are bloodshot and his hair is matted and messed, not in the attractive to cool to care way. His clothes are falling off him in a way that makes me think he hasn't been eating. Never a good sign. My cue to leave, run fast don't look back, but I stay. - Melissa              

     I nod, searching his expression for something. A reason. A reason to be standing here in the cold.
   His tear filled eyes catch me off guard. Tyler doesn't cry. I can't let myself be weak. I don't want to be that easy or stupid.- Melissa

     I looked up “Your boyfriend?”
  Melissa gave me a polite smile. She looked down at her food. “Tyler Gates we got together last summer.”
      I choked on my potatoes “Got together.”
     “Got together, like on a date, Nate.” Theresa said giving me an incredulous look.
     Melissa smirked and rolled her eyes, “Ya like we were dating.”- Nathan

     "It's a great school, well from what I hear. It has all the usual classes, and the cafeteria food is edible.Which is something  in itself, good food makes everything better." I was rambling, idiot.
     She squinted at me. "Are Pastor's allowed to ramble. "
      I shut my mouth, and frowned. " Probably would be bad for business."- Nathan

    I pulled my bracelets apart and felt the rigid, thin scars they hid. I was a perfectionist, so each cut was the same length and depth. I'm not a cutter I only had five cuts. One for each time someone had hurt me, hit me. It was sad, that four of those belonged to the guy sending me cheesy unanswered texts every hour.- Melissa

      The teacher began class. I focused my attention on the perm job gone wrong, Mrs. Plet. She let me stay seated when she introduced me to the class as Pastor Nathaniel's  daughter. Thank God for small favors. All sound seemed to be sucked from the room, several students flipped in their seats to get an unhindered view.
      Of me the star of the moment, let the freak show begin.- Melissa
      Wow that was long, and probably filled with bad grammar. This is my character's reaction to my snippets.



  1. *throws hand in the air* I love tragedy!
    For not ever writing romance before, I love your snippets. I have a feeling I would love Melissa and Tyler.

    1. Thank you! I have been so nervous about posting these snippets. It means a lot that you even like them.

    2. I'm not the only one who's nervous about snippets! I agonize over them a lot, trying to make them just right first 0.o But yours were awesome.

    3. Your snippets are awesome too, I think Jake is awesome. Thank you, I'll probably post more now. :)

    4. Thanks :) I just hope I end up liking his story as much as I like his character. He's a hard guy to write XP
      Yay! I'll look forward to it.

  2. Ohh boy, I totally get this. Writing romance is hard when you become your characters and also when you don't have any experience in that way yourself. And now I'm trying to write a romance too! Your snippets are great though. Post more!

  3. Thanks, you make me feel normal I miss you. Are you talking about the love story in 'Recipe for a burn' or is there a new one I don't know about? I will post more, I might even do a Melissa/Tyler interview.

    1. haha this is a love story you don't know about yet. It's related to that superhero and villain duo I posted on Deviantart!