2 Mar 2014

Doom:(Definitely O-normous O-uthor Months)

     Doom started yesterday. Which is a Nano like thing for writers except, you take two months to write 50K instead of one. I actually remembered and jotted down 2,300 words yesterday. My problem being that I always start good, but never finish well.
     I haven't written anything yet today but plan on it. I decided to use 'Doom' to finish the sequel to my first book and to finish my Nano project that tapered out to 15,000 words. I'm going to post more snippets and playlists as the weeks go by so hopefully that will be interesting.
     I plan to award my self for accomplishing this. By taking two months off writing to edit my novels, and hopefully find a publisher. I will also allow myself to catch up on Doctor Who new and old seasons, Agents of Shield, Once Upon a Time, and Castle. Basically allow myself to rest from overuse of my overtly creative mind. I also plan on eating chocolate ;)
     I did a 'Frozen' inspired photo shoot with two of my younger siblings. I'm going to hopefully post some of those if I have time.


  1. oooooh this sounds so cool! I always want to do something like this, but then it gets really busy with school and everything when they happen.... GOOD LUCK THOUGH I'M SURE YOU'LL DO GREAT!!

    1. Thanks for your support ;)
      I'm always busy when they happen too or I get halfway through and some kind of family crisis happens.