9 Apr 2014

Internet clensing

    2014 is treating me well thus far. I finished a book. I am in the process of preparing for my driving test on the 23rd. It's something my mother was worried I would never do, that and getting married.(She still has her fingers crossed).
I want my cousins shoes.
     I'm puttering along in Melissa's Story for the second half of DOOM. I've been reading a chapter a day in the Bible. It's inspiring and makes me want to be a better person and more Christlike. I got through that rough patch that threaten to pull me under. I emerged no stronger than before, but I know that God is strong so I don't have to be.

     I still have things to work on though, I want to build better relationships with my siblings and God. I need to stop being cynical and bitter about things that I can't change. Before this post takes a too serious turn, I want to say that I'm really happy right now life is great. I am going to be unplugging myself though. I have become too attached to the monster that is the internet, I'm going to take a month break.
     I need this to get my long 'To Do list' done and hopefully another book. The internet is not helping with any of these things. When I come back, I will try to blog on a regular basis and do a sketch dump on my Devinart. For now I'm just going to work hard and procrastinate less.
So as a parting present snippets.
  I bit my lip holding it in. He looked at me straight on, stormy blue eyes filled with one emotion, love. I felt the electricity in the air a lightning bolt would have been appropriate. It could strike us both down, ending this romance where it had began in ashes. - Melissa

     Half an hour later we passed through a small town. I circled it a couple times, and only found one place to eat. I pulled into the parking lot of the rundown diner on the edge of town. A faded sign stated ' Buck's family Diner.' The building look like it had seen better days. Peeling red paint and unwashed windows were some of it's better features.
     The parking lot was fairly full so I decided to risk it.
      Melissa studied the building with silted eyes. " Looks like a place Norman Bates would eat at." She said  her voice dry and lacking humor.- Nathan


     I should have known better. That's what the few people who knew told me. It was like everything else that went wrong, there was something I could have done to stop it. It was true, I went back to him after each time. I had  swallowed the blood and drank his poisonous lies. - Melissa

    She was wearing shorts and a wrinkled, black tank top. Her hair was un brushed  and wild. Her face was already covered in a veil of makeup and eyeliner, but it did nothing to hide the bags under her eyes.- Nathan

     I was doing what I was naturally good at pretending, acting. It was something pastors perfected. You have to be a rock, you had to hide your emotions. I played the fool knowing it was pretend, but managing to make everyone else around me believe it. I always just ended up being everyone's fool.- Nathan

     She smiled and held out her hand. "I'm Anne, most people call me Ana. My brother calls me an Aneurysm, take your pick. -Melissa

     "I never knew he became a pastor. All I know is that he didn't want me." I took a bite of my jell-o to hide the pain that was surfacing. Anne gaped at me, her face paled and pity filled her eyes.
     I swallowed the tasteless slime. "I just thought you would want to know what your pastor's really like."
     "Pastors make mistakes, their only human."She said the spunk returning to her voice.
     " Don't you have  a friend or someone you would rather sit with." I said feeling myself withdraw.
     Anne rolled her eyes, "I can't believe it."
     "I don't want you to try to be my friend out of pity." I said my poker face in place.
    She shook her head at me her expression one of awe. "I can't believe you ate the Jell-o."
    I stare at the plastic fork in my hand and  a grin slips onto my face. -Melissa 

I hope you liked them, Goodbye for now.



  1. The snippets were amazing!!! And I applaud you for taking a break from internet to focus on important stuff. And I shall wait eagerly for your return :) FYI- I also want your cousins shoes. ;)

  2. Thanks, I'm glad to be back. If her feet weren't three sizes bigger than mine I would've stole them.