8 May 2014

I'm back...
    Anyway, I had an interesting month, and not sure if anyone noticed but I redecorated. Well someone else did. Her name is Brittney Johnson and she does blog designs for free. She does an amazing job too, I love what she did. I didn't have a clear idea of what I wanted and she came up with something amazing. I put her blog button somewhere on here, you should check out her designs.
     A new Y.A book by Travis Thrasher is coming out. Marvelous the first book in 'The Books of Marvella" is coming out. I got the opportunity to read the advance reader copy and it was awesome.
The Author
      Tyndale is having a contest where you can win a free copy and a preview of the second book here.
      Marvelous is unique, it's a creepy and touching story of Brandon and a girl named Marvel. It also gets ten points for having a record store as one of the settings. How can you say no to a sticky note?


  1. I have his series Solitary, but my mom has been arguing with me over if I can read the last two books. I made it through the first two, then she decided she wanted to read it, and now she apparently came across some stuff she doesn't want me to read. I think I finally got her convinced though. His books are cool in an incredibly creepy sort of way.
    He's talked to me on Facebook ^_^

  2. Oh, well the third book gets a bit iffy, but nothing ever happens. Chris just starts acting like a dumb guy, I understand why your mom's unsure. They also get a bit creepier, but in the last book Travis brings it back to the story of a guy finding his faith and it was such a great ending for it all. So he does redeem himself later on, but the third book wasn't my favorite. You got to talk to him on Facebook, sweet. I've exchanged a few emails, he is one of my favorite authors.

  3. I see. Yeah she said nothing ever happened, that there was just a lot of 'desire' I guess. I dunno. Right now I've got a big pile of books from the library I need to get read because they're overdue XP so I'm not too desperate to get back to Solitary right now. I kinda like the creepiness really.
    Oh that's awesome! Yeah, I was asking him questions about what the rules were for using music in a story.
    BTW, I love the new blog color.

  4. I loved the creepiness, because it makes the light and God so much stronger. Thank you, I asked her to do a 'Alice in Wonderland' style. The blue is a nice change :)