30 May 2014

Writing Prompt

       I decided to put an entry in, for the writing contest at Teen Words of Steel
I think it ends Wednesday or something. I thought I would share my entry because that's writing related.

" I didn't mean to."
   I glanced up at the speaker. I was usually averse to talking to strangers, but it was only a girl. Long brown hair that was stringy from neglect, fell over her pale face. She was in a white night shirt and clutching something tightly in her hands. I closed the book that had been failing to hold my interest for the past hour.
    She studied the ground and tapped it with her bare toes.
     I looked around the deserted station, no one was there. It was well after midnight, an indecent hour for anyone to let a child wander.
     "Where are your parent's, love. "I said, hoping my tone was more endearing than annoyed.   
     "I didn't want to." She said fixing me with a intense gaze.
     "You didn't want to do what?" I asked, glancing behind me.  Hoping someone was looking for her. Her words made me feel cold.
     "Die," She said, her voice hard.
      My breath caught, she remained unmoved a statue. I wanted to leave now, but my heart resisted. I couldn't leave a child... Alone.
       "Are you alright," I said my words shook with fear.
        She fiddled with the thing in her hand, the light caught it and it glinted. "When the clock turns two." Her voice was like an echo, her words bounced around in my head.
        I was beginning to think she might have some sort of illness. I touched her shoulder, her dress was thin and threadbare. Her skin was like a hot iron.
       " Your burning with fever." I observed, guiding her to the seat beside me. I sat her down unsure of what to do for her.
        She caught my hand and placed her trinket in it. I looked at it and my head swam. It was a simple, silver locket. I stood up and backed away from her,  "How did you..." My word trailed off, black dots trailed across my vision.
        "I didn't mean to die, Mom."

     Sorry for any typos.


  1. Oh my word Skye! That was amazing!! Too bad I only get to vote once XP I loooove it. It creeped me out- in a totally good way.

  2. Thank you, I wasn't to sure about it.

  3. oh my goodness. WELL THAT ESCALATED QUICKLY but it was super good!!