1 Jun 2014

I was nominated for the Liebster Award again. I already did it, but Andrea at Fantasies and Fountainpens asked such good questions that I had to answer them.

1. What are some of your hobbies, and how did you get into them?
   Gaming, thanks to my brothers, Drawing, I'm sure boredom started that one, and Photography.
I used to dress my sister up as Cinderella and take pictures... o wait I still do.

2. What's your favorite animated movie?
  Howl's Moving Castle, technically an anime.


 3. What's your dream vacation?
   Going to New Zealand and taking the Middle Earth Tour.
4. Pen or pencil?
   Pen, black pen.
5. Something new that you tried and weren't sure about, but ended up loving?
   Anime actually, I started watching a few English dubbed shows and started reading some Manga. 
6. What book has influenced you the most in your life?
   The Hobbit, my dad read it to me and it's the reason I started writing.
7. If you could turn into any animal for one day, which animal would you choose?
   A Dragon, "I am fire, I am death."
8. Tea or Coffee?
  Coffee in all forms. I am trying to get into tea because it's very British, but coffee.
9. Do you have a celebrity crush, if so, who?
   Yes, Tom Hiddleston because Loki.
 10. What is the strangest thing you've ever done?
    Teaching my dad how to do the Drunk Giraffe in a moving vehicle.


11. Describe your current work in progress.
    Whimsical, chalked full of goblins, nymphs, and assortment of magical creatures. I have a Pintrest board for it The Unhappening

   So that was fun hope you guys learned something about me.

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