22 Jun 2014

Summer Wishes

   I've been in a rather whimsical mood lately. I am enjoying my last summer before I become an adult. I will never grow up though, I promise. I been praying and making wishes. Playing with vivid colors and spending time with my siblings.
   I've been writing for pure enjoyment. Not a usual occurrence.This mood might be the result of listening to Owl City on repeat. I hope it lasts though I like feeling this way. I guess you could call it joyful.
    I don't want it to go away the wonder and magic. That's my fear that after this summer reality will hit and I will become a stodgy twenty year old. I'm afraid that I'll stop looking for Narnia and be content with normalcy. So I guess my wish this summer is that I will never lose my childlike wonderment.
     What's yours?  


  1. You understand how I feel 0.o Peter Pan said it best in the movie "I want always to be a boy and have fun". I know eventually we grow up physically, and that there must be a certain level of mental maturity, but I never want to lose my carefree happiness, the way I can obsess over a book character, and enjoy a Disney movie. I refuse to give up those parts of me that are considered childish.

  2. Exactly, I have grown no denying it, but I don't feel like I have to throw away things because it's considered immature by other people.