9 Jul 2014

A Beastly Thing

      I have been having a rough couple days. I pulled a muscle in my neck, and have been walking around like an unoiled tin man. I did get some writing done in 'Bleeding Roses' my retelling of Beauty and the Beast. Everything was flowing well in that story except I only had a vague idea of the Beast and what I wanted for him. So I fleshed him out last night and got in his head.
       I also wanted a picture of him, so I found this.
It's perfect for my Beast who I have yet to find an actual name for. I didn't want to go the traditional route. I also am taking some characteristics from Scar a la 'Lion King' I know it's weird. It seems to be working though. I have been doing more planning than writing, but I still have snippets to share.

      My favorite was the one that told of the Wolfman. A wretched creature doomed for eternity to  transform from a human into a lupine form every full moon. Cursed to torment and kill people. I found the idea tragic. Having to live with the incessant guilt of killing people and having no way of stopping yourself.


      "How intriguing." Elizabeth said with a tired slur. She folded herself into a chair, her curls had fallen out and become tangled. She hadn't bothered to wash her face.
      "How was the party?" I asked, with the fore knowledge that it had went as planned.
      "It was horrid, " Elizabeth said, reaching over the table an act strictly forbidden by Mother to snatch my tea.  She took a sip and looked morose. "It's too hot." Her rouge smeared lips pouted.


      Father tweaked Greta's freckled nose. "Fret not if all goes to plan you shall have cake every day."
     "John," Mother scolded. " We shan't have a pig for a daughter."
     Father poured himself some more wine.  "When you're rich one hardly cares about such trifle things like appearances."
     Some were rather fearsome and exotic, with dark eyes and wild hair.They arrived from ships and passed quickly through our seaside village. There were the people who flaunted their wealth, weighed down by yards of silk and jewels. Their faces were fat with the food that money provided in overabundance. A few vagrant children tried to get a penny, but were swatted aside. 

     I turned to head home and a cold hand caught my wrist. I pulled away, but the noose only tightened and nails that were overgrown pressed into my skin. 


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  1. I really like your snippets. I hope you get to feeling better.