4 Jul 2014

I Canadian...eh

So only someone as patriotic as me would would wait for the 4th of July to post about Canada Day.
    Well sorry... I haven't been able to write lately my brain doesn't always cooperate. Canada day, first I would like to say while I love my country I am not as enthusiastic about it as some people. I actually got in trouble once as a girl scout for putting the flag on the ground(my arm was tired). So it started at a young age I guess.
      Anyway my family all went to a parade and wore shirts with flags on it, and I opted to stay home with the baby and watch Netflix. I ate bacon though, if that isn't celebrating I don't know what is. Later we had a campfire with marshmallows and hotdogs, and we sat up waiting for fireworks that for some odd reason were the night before.
     It was a fun time.
Because it's the 4th

These are mine

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