7 Aug 2014

    I took a last minute vacation and was supposed to be back after two weeks and ended up staying for a month. I had a blast with my cousin and one of my best friends, who happen to live close to her. I floated a river twice and saw 'The Fault in Our Stars' at a drive in. I didn't cry, we laughed and didn't feel bad about it.(I'm not one for romances.) I think I'll review the movie and book in a different post.
    I have successfully got her hooked on some shows.
Ouran High school Host club


     We started watching an Anime together and sadly didn't finish it together.
Fruit Basket
       We ate cookie dough and drank tea a perfectly relaxing time. I'm back now though so time to get writing.  Oh, I found this at the library made me want to go more often. I already miss hanging with my Whovian cousin. How was your summer so far?

Finally found my Tardis
       ( Again I do not support all of the content in the shows mentioned. Viewer discretion advised.)  



  1. Oh! Sherlock is the best! I love that show! :D

    1. Sherlock is awesome. I think it`s my favorite show, I can`t wait for the next season...*cries* you know in five years.

  2. Skye! You're back! I'm so very very happy ^-^
    Looks like you had tons of fun! I would love to read your review on TFIOS, because I've been debating reading/watching it.

    1. Thanks, it`s nice to be back. I will try to post it soon.

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