8 Aug 2014

The Fault in Our Stars Review

     I`m going to start with the book. I had heard mixed reviews about it. I read it simply because I was going to be watching it the next day. I tend not to read what is insanely popular, but I also don`t snub books because they are. (Divergent, Hunger Games). I felt almost pretentious reading it  I won`t lie.
     I blew through it in a day, but it`s not that long. Hazel is a very relatable character and the book flows. John Green makes it look easy to write, it is not. It`s a love story, but it goes beyond that and deals with the thread we all cling to called life. it`s raw and real and not in a graphic, morbid way.
      It has great humor, Augustus Waters brings most of the comic relief, but at it`s core is a very poignant study on living with death as a constant companion. I liked this book. My only problem with it being that as a Christian death isn`t an end or a black hole we all fall into it`s the beginning.
       I know it is by no means a Christian book and I`m glad its not. It was missing that hope so It fell flat for me, if we are living to die then there is really no point.
      Content Issues.
     Keep in mind this is Y.A and the movie is PG-13. I didn`t find much to complain about. A handful of curse words, not enough to pull me out of the story. Might have been some innuendos and some kissing. There is also implied sex. I say implied because it doesn`t go into detail, and there might have been three sentences about it afterward. Nothing explicit, thank you John Green.
This is the best quote
    The Movie
    The movie follows the book about as closely as a movie can because as we know there are always inconsistencies. The two lead actors Ansel Algort and Shailene Woodley (Divergent, anyone) were spot on, they became Hazel and Gus. Most of my amusement during this movie came from my aunt who upon seeing the movie poster thought the movie was about two gay guys. The whole part with Hazel meeting that author was my favorite subplot of the movie. I have said before I`m not much for traditional romance and I never cry during sad movies, but I completely lost it watching Doctor Who.    
      So this isn`t movie I would see the trailer of and go,Ooh I want to see this. Then again the only movie I wanted to see lately is `Guardians of the Galaxy` maybe I`m not deep enough for a show like this, but I do love a good tragedy so I can appreciate it.
      Content issues
     Same thing as with the book really, some making out, some swearing. I think at one point you see the leads taking of each other`s shirts. I wasn`t paying much attention by that point.
     People are going to hate me for saying this, but `A Walk to Remember` beats it in my opinion.


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  1. I might have to try reading it again because I'm curious now about hazels voice. I read the first few chapters and hated the girl so I quit xp the movie looks good though.