3 Sep 2014

20 things

     I turned twenty on the 30th, but was unable to write a post being en route to Saskatchewan. I spent the day before at Callaway Park in Calgary, which was great. My siblings gave me gifts that morning and we drove all day on my official birthday. I had this post planned for awhile now. I wanted to do something fun and meaningful for my 20th year, and I thought a 'I Wish I Knew List would be fun.'
20 Things I wish I had known     
  1. The little things matter. I remember the little things, like my dad reading me a bedtime story more clearly than say my fifth birthday. The little things we are sometimes not even aware of have the biggest impact.
  2. The awkward stage passed, but my personality and quirks remained. Some of the things I used to hate about myself are now the defining factors in my life.
  3. I will always hate sports, no one is going to change this.
  4. I dance to the beat of my own drum, and it's okay. People will never be okay with that and they will try and break me. Don't break.
  5. Smile only when sincere, I become way to good at faking things.
  6. Growing up hurts, it really hurts.
  7. Music, play it, listen to it, love it.
  8. God is the only one who is always there.
  9. Zits never go away, but they don't matter.
  10. Boys are not important, Fandoms are.
  11. I once thought being a nerd was uncool, now I get offended if someone doesn't think I am one.
  12. My brothers do care.
  13. I will finish the first book.
  14. I don't need people's approval, I only need God's
  15. Braces were worth it.
  16. Beauty fades.
  17. Art is important, it matters.
  18. Algebra is a waste of time.
  19. My parents do know what their talking about.
  20. I am worth it.


  1. Happy birthday! I like your list :)

  2. Happy Birthday, Skye! I recognize so many things on your list that have impacted my life too. I'm a ways away from being twenty, so it's nice to hear someone who's older confirming my thoughts. Thanks for sharing this list.

    1. Thank you, I like sharing things that might help someone who is going through something I dealt with a few years ago. I'm glad that you liked it and took the time to read it means a lot to me.

    2. Hey Skye,
      I just wanted to let you know I tagged you for The Janeite Tag. (-:

    3. Thank you so much, I will have to check that out.