26 Sep 2014

A Job

     If anyone was wondering why my posts have been so sporadic it's because I now have a job. Its actually the same one I quit after two days, but now my dad owns it. So I started doing small jobs and I am now a part time employee, but because we are behind on orders I'm working almost everyday. Eight hour days, I am starting to enjoy myself. I run laser engravers, an embossing machine, a gigantic sander, and a couple things I simply call a ca junk and buttoning machine. I also silk screen lids.
     I guess I should mention what it is we do. We make all kinds of wood boxes, anything from wine to chocolate. I am going to start selling the extras on Esty. It will be nice to have money, and this job is great because I still have time to write. So here are some more snippets.

" He is a hermit of sorts and is unused to company or rather people in general. I am the only other person residing in Blackwood Castle. Thus he has developed an unusual temperament. He is a creature of habit. That is not be meddled with."- Bleeding Roses

      I looked down at my blood soaked dress in horror. All the blood couldn't have come from me.
    "You're dripping on the floor."Our captor observed in a dry tone. " Very rude of you."- Bleeding Roses

       "I was invited, "I said trying to keep my words civil. "Is that why you keep the outside so decrepit."
       "I don't like visitors."

     I didn't answer, he was not someone you would desire to visit. - Bleeding Roses


     His lips twisted into a deprecating smile, "Verda who is this sallow girl, she is not the one I asked for."- Bleeding Roses


 Another laugh sounded  now leading away from me. " You are a bloody mess, love."  - Bleeding Roses



  1. Congrats on getting a job! That must be so exciting. I work a couple hours a day in my family bakery and it's a really cool experience. I'm hoping to get my first 'real' job this summer though. (-: Are you going to put a link to your Etsy on your blog?

  2. It's pretty fun, tiring but fun. Working at a bakery sounds amazing. I will put the link up when I get around to taking the product pictures. :) I've been procrastinating

  3. I missed this post but congrats on the job! And I love the snippets.

    1. Thanks, I'm glad you like the snippets. I am only 3,000 words away from being done and I was hoping to finish it before sending it to you.

    2. Great! Yeah, that sounds good, cause I'm beta-ing and reviewing three stories at the moment.