30 Sep 2014

Time management

     I have been trying to post once everyday or once every two. So far it's been going good, today I thought I would write about something that I struggle with endlessly. That is 'time', I'm terrible with it. I spend a majority of it doing meaningless tasks and assorted pointless things. My biggest fear in getting a job was that I would have even less time to do the things I needed to.
     The funny thing about that is, I am managing my time better now that I have a job than I was when I had the whole day to plan out. Because I now have less time, it is much more precious and I have to spend it wisely. Here is an example, I used to be able to stay up all night, 'to write' and be able to get up whenever I wanted. The latest I ever slept in was probably eleven though because I am a morning person. Regardless, this mad me moody and unpleasant to be around. Half the time I would write a paragraph and end up watching T.V shows, YouTube, or scrolling on Pinterest.
     I know it's terrible and I am ashamed, but now I have to be up by six or seven, so I have to sleep. Things like that it's why I have been able to get a handle on my wasted time. I didn't cut anything out, I am simply restricting myself. I even made a small list of the things that I need to control the most.

  1. T.V( I'm not letting myself binge watch any new series. I only allow myself to watch shows I am caught up on.)
  2. Pinterest (I only go on about once a day and I limit my time)
  3. YouTube (This one I was going to stop completely, but I love to listen to music, so I keep it only for that)
  4. Reading ( I had to stop reading books from front to back as soon as I get them because it messes with my sleep cycle)
     Those are the major ones for me. I am done letting these things consume my time. So hopefully with a lot of prayer I will be able to assert self control, and have time for the things that I need to do.

  1.  God ( Praying and Bible)
  2.  Writing (I need to do a lot more)
  3. Editing ( A necessary evil)
  4. Drawing (I need to make time for this)
  5. Blogging ( Sorry for letting this one slip so much, I promise I'll be better. Thank you guys for sticking with it means the world to me)
  6. Music ( Piano, Guitar)
  7. Family ( They should probably be number 2)
    Oh and I did a 'Alice in Wonderland' photo shoot with my siblings, if your interested in seeing them let me know in the comments.


  1. I agree! When I know I'm busy and have to do things I get so much more done.
    I would love to see the pictures!!

  2. I struggle so much with time management! For example, I should probably be doing biology right now... Thank goodness I'm getting a little better at it (I think) I would love to see the pictures from your photo shoot!