2 Oct 2014

Procrastion is an art

     Okay so the pictures will have to wait, because I need to brighten them. I worked half the day today and I had the other half for writing but I ended up pinning. See I am brilliant when it comes to procrastination. The main reason I was trying to avoid writing was because I thought I was only allowed 10,000 words for Bleeding Roses. Turns out your actually allowed 20,000 which is great because I need the extra words to develop my love story.
       It was feeling way too rushed and now I am excited about it. I'm on brain overload right now, there are too many stories to write. I have the one I was supposed to finish two years ago, the third book in my series, and two really awesome story ideas that I can't wait to write.So hopefully I will at least have 3,000 more words tonight which will bring me to 10,000. I am planning on having it done and edited by the end of this month.
      Sorry kind've a boring post, funny thing happened at work. I work with my brother and for my dad and they both torture me. My brother and I were both talking to my dad and I shoved him, he shoved me back not hard or anything, then I shoved him and he shoved me and I went flying and hit a door. I'm talking on the ground, hit my head. My Dad and brother looked at me and we all just burst out laughing. I think I tripped on my own foot when he tripped me because he didn't push me hard. ( I am super clumsy like that)

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