25 Oct 2014

Pros and Cons of a Fulltime Job

    Hi there, been awhile hasn't it well... sorry, again. If it helps any I really have been busy, what with violin, piano, and a now full time job. The little time I have to myself seems to just fly by, and then there are the many stories I'm trying to write and edit. It's actually funny how this all came about. See I managed to get through nineteen years without a job. Now that's not to say that I never worked, just never had an actual (get a check every second Friday) job.
     I got by babysitting my many siblings, cleaning for both my parents and other people, odd jobs (cleaning vehicles, minor secretarial work) and a little carpentry work. See not entirely lazy, though in the past few years it was not uncommon for my brother to come home to see me binge watching some show with an entire pie in my lap and a fork in my mouth. I was getting a bit depressed because writing was not going well and deciding to be an author doesn't instantly make you a published one.
      Plus all the things I enjoyed doing photography, sketching aren't things that are easy to make money off of. So long story short, my dad bought a business and I was hired and after two long days decided I would be unable to do the work. Eight hours spent, sanding, gluing, and assembling boxes was not my idea of a good job. Less than a month later, after some transitioning and hiring and loss of a few employee's my dad asked me if I'd like to try again. At this point I was penniless and desperate so I agreed.
       I have been working a little over two months and the funniest thing is I went from not working to working almost every day of the week, for sometimes close to 10 hour days. So I thought I would share what I have learned.


  1. You have an excuse to double your caffeine intake
  2. Money, money that you worked hard for.
  3. A sense of accomplishment.
  4. Lunch, becomes something very special and necessary.
  5. You have to manage your time.
  6. Having my Dad as my boss.
  1. Drinking to much caffeine! (which side effects include, outrageous laughter, and quoting of the entire 'Fellowship of the Ring' movie in my head. I know it word for word, scary)
  2. Spending entire paycheck and regretting it right after.
  3. A sore back, not enough sleep, and a new found love for baths. ( which I used to hate)
  4. Missing Lunch
  5. Not having time to binge watch T.V and eat pie
  6. Having my Dad as my boss.


  1. nice, now you just have to save up enough money so you can buy a tardis for yourself!

    1. He he you know me so well. I shall one day own a Tardis

  2. Sounds like hard work! Good luck, and keep it up(-:

    1. Sometimes it is, sometimes its not, thanks XD

  3. Well I'm glad you're finding some pros to it, even if they are also your cons.:)