8 Oct 2014

Thought's from an Incoherent Mind

     I work tomorrow, and I'm super tired from work today. Standing on concrete for more than 4 hours is a killer on the back.  This post is probably going to be a jumble of things that have no connection to each other. I'm sorry for that, but I've been incredibly uninspired when it comes to posts this week.  This is more of a,'Hey I'm not dead' post than anything of actual substance.
     So I quit piano lesson's, I did three years and I feel confident I can now teach myself anything else. As I was just getting excited at the thought of having no lessons to worry about. My mom signed me up for Violin. Which I start on Friday, and I'm incredibly excited about. I am going to be like Sherlock and play it when I think, and at three in the morning just because I can.
      I also want to learn how to play like this girl.
      My brother took me to the store, and I got 'Hyrule Warriors' now if only I had time to play it. I finished, reading "The Lighting Thief" I will try and post a review for that sometime. I will also try for a better blog post sometime.
 Goodnight friends.


  1. I totally understand being tired. We've been harvesting so I wrote all my blog posts last week so I've just been clicking publish as I go now because I can't even think.
    Congrats on success with the piano. Violin sounds so cool. Me and my sisters have always vaguely wanted to learn it, but there's no teachers around here so we picked other things.

  2. Harvesting, it sounds tiring. I tried to write ahead of time, but I can never find the time to do that.Thanks the piano was my first love. I just hope I can learn the violin it seems hard so I'll have to see. You play guitar right, I've always wanted to play guitar. At the moment I know like three chords. I'm working on it though.

  3. It is pretty tiring. Half way done though. Yeah, usually I can't either. My friend learned violin and then fiddle. She claims it wasn't too hard, but I don't know. Yeah, guitar. Hey, three is better than zero. Most songs only use three chords anyway XP