27 Nov 2014

Famous People Tag

I got tagged by Elizabeth, check out her blog incidentsofaliterarynature 
The Rules:
-Put up the 'famous people tag button' and link back to the person who tagged you
-Answer the questions
-Tag the ten last people who commented on your blog (excluding anonymytes or the person who tagged you) 

  #1 Who's your favorite singer/group?
I'm not even sure how to answer this because my taste in music varies. People would probably be surprised by  some of the stuff I listen to. Lately though I've been listening to and odd mix of Owl City and Black Veil Brides. (Note on Black Veil Brides, I haven't heard all of their songs and do not support everything they stand for be it lyrics or imagery.)  So many bands how can I choose.

#2 If your favorite male actor was in the same room as you right now, what would your reaction be?
Pretty much this exactly. I'm talking to you Tom Hiddleston.

#3 Is there a famous person you used to love but (due to something they have done in their life) you've suddenly changed your mind?
He he, well I don't want to name any names.
I had already outgrown her by the time she changed anyway

#4 Name a famous person you like who's name starts with a V.
Van Gogh, but that's only because of Doctor Who.

#5 What's one of your favourite red-carpet dresses?
No clue don't usually watch anything with the red carpet. Does this count

#6 Who's your favorite Royal person?
The Queen?

#7 Who's your favourite child actor/tress
 He's probably not a kid anymore but he was great in Reel Steel. 

#8 Is there an actor/actress you actually like their private lives of? (Not sure if that last question was properly phrased.)
 Not really, I mean you can never know what someone's life is really like so no.

#9 Do you think that the actors/actresses have improved these last 100 years
 Yes and no
#10 What's the weirdest famous-people name?
I can't think of anyone except Benedict Cumberbatch, thanks to Pinterest 

#11 Do you think you look like a famous person? Which one(s)?

I don't think I look like anyone famous

#12 Share your favorite famous-person quote


#13 Who's your favorite dancer?

#14 Why is your favourite actress your favourite one? When did you decide that she was your favourite?
 I'm not sure I have a favorite, but Jeniffer Lawrence is great.

#15 Have you ever met/seen/been close to a famous person?


Since I am still a small blog I only have a few people to tag, but they are awesome people.

 Ashley G 
Maddie Jay
Deborah O' Carroll 

 If you decided to do it leave your link in the comments.



  1. Awesome! You were so quick to do this tag, unlike me. XD I loved the David Tennant gif. All I know about him is from Pinterest, but that is absolutely hilarious. Hahaha! That Robert Downey quote was hilarious.
    It was so fun to see all your answers,

    1. I was working, but it's one of those things were you can do it at the same time as something else so I thought. I should finish the tag. :) I love David Tennant, if your not interested in Doctor Who which is what he is most known for, he is amazing in Gracepoint. Which is a ten episode murder mystery. He is quite good in it. I'm glad you liked reading them

  2. This is funny. I like the hug gif. :) I think I'd have to say Tom Hiddleston is one of my favorite actors too. He's funny, sweet, and has a good self-esteem.

    1. Thanks, I quite like him too, He seems to be quite a gentleman.