2 Jan 2015

Blogger Buddies Tag

I was nominated by Maddie from The Wonderful World of My Life

Is that Pon and Zi
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1. Have you seen Mockingjay Part 1 yet? (No spoilers please, if you have)
Yes, and I loved it.
2. What did you eat too much of on Thanksgiving?
    Yes.. yes I did
3. Do you have any odd tradition that you do for a certain holiday?
     We always have a birthday cake on Christmas for Jesus.
4. Jack Sparrow or Will Turner?
     I didn't even half to think about it just

5. Have you ever blocked someone on Facebook? 

     I don't have Facebook
6. Do you subscribe to any magazines?
7. If you're a fiction writer, do you prefer to write male or female characters?
     Male, not sure why
8. Do you have a youtube channel?
9. What is a hobby you would love to be able to pick up without having to learn any skills?
    Guitar, Singing, Acting
10. What is your dream job?
     Published Author
11. Have you ever been to summer camp? Ever worked at one?
      Yes and yes though I couldn't recommend working at one.
12. What is the farthest you have ever traveled from home?
       Had to check a map, Ukraine
13. Would you rather be the youngest or oldest child?
14. What is a job you hate?
       The Job I'm doing now, because I'm working with wood and sawdust
15. Current favorite song? 
  * Hides face* Taylor Swift - Blank Space

I tag

Ashely G
Sarah Faulkner
Deborah Carroll- http://deborahocarroll.blogspot.ca/
Amanda Wikoff
Catherine- http://strayimaginations.blogspot.ca/
Andrea Nan-http://fantasiesandfountainpens.blogspot.ca/

Oops, I forgot to add my own question's.

1.  Favorite T.V Show?
2.  Somewhere you've always wanted to go to?
3.  Current Favorite Song?
4.  Coffee or Tea?
5.  A band or singer you have love?
6.  Cats or Dogs
7.  Any hidden talent's?
8.  Something that makes you smile?
9.  A book or movie, you would reccomend?
10. Favorite Youtuber? 


  1. There is nothing wrong with loving Taylor Swift! She is absolutely amazing I can't even!! And I'm loving these questions and your fantabulous answers. Thanks for the nomination but which questions should I be answering?

    The Life of Little Me

    1. I love her too, I was more like embarrassed by the amount of times I have listened to that song on repeat. She really is great, I love all her albums and I got 1989 for Christmas. I forgot to put up my question's O.O, there up now, but if you had already answered the same ones I did that is fine. Thanks for reading :)

  2. The Mockingjay! I really want to see it. If it's still in theaters when I don't have work than I might have to go and see it. Does it follow the book well, like the first two movies did?

    I agree with your answer for 9.

    Thanks for the tag!

    1. Yes, I think it followed the book pretty well, at least as much as the first movie.
      Your Welcome.

  3. I just listened to Blank Space for the first time the other day! I like her old style better, but I like the song. I want to use it for a character in a story idea XP
    Awesome answers!

    1. I like her old stuff as well, but I love the new stuff too. I got the album for Christmas. Inspiration, always good to get inspired.