27 Jan 2015

Contest Doldrums

I just found out yesterday that, The Five Enchanted Rose's Contest will be announcing the winners February 1st instead of March 1st. I panicked a bit, I feel equal amounts of excitement and dread.
I must admit that I really want to win, but then again what contestant's doesn't, at the same time I am having crippling self doubt that tells me there is no chance for me. So while I battle my own mind I  thought I would share some snippets of my entry.
Because with this contest I will either lose the rights to it, or my ability to even look at it without contempt. I  know I need to learn how to deal with defeat, but probably not today.

"Hell's teeth, do you always talk this much?"- William( aka the Beast)

"You shall be paid in gold, from a brief stint into the craft that is Alchemy, I  have more than I shall ever have want."

     I held the shimmering coin up to the light, "A cheap parlor trick I'm sure." I refused to be impressed by him, his pride was already equal to that of two men.- William and Belle

     He merely nodded in return, "I thought you could join me for tea."
He gestured to the bench and I sat on the other end leaving a noticeably large space between us. A teapot appeared in the air, followed by a small china cup. Steam dissipated as the tea was poured by invisible hands. I looked to William but he hadn't moved he held his book up, unbothered. His gaze slid my direction and his lips quirked at the corner, "Sugar?" he asked in all innocence.- William and Belle

His pupils had grown nearly taking over the green in his eyes. his skin was unnaturally pale. He flicked his tongue over his teeth and groaned, "Bloody hell, am I a Vampire?"
     I was speechless.

     He snapped his fingers and a scone appeared in his hand, he took a bite and spat it, "Ash, it's ash!"

     He sniffed the air and his eyes flicked to black then back to green. "It's a lucky thing for you that we had tea first, your blood is ever so enticing darling."- William

     "That's not how it is supposed to go," I said looking up at him with a tearful smile.

     "Quite," he said, pressing his lips to my forehead.- Belle and William

I suppose I should tell you that we lived happily ever after, but ours was never a fairytale.- Belle

Fun fact, I tried pickled herring to day and despite it's name and appearance. I like it, it's actually fairly sweet. Well I'm off to try and distract myself from the idea of losing. Ta, Ta



  1. I knoooow, I saw the announcement! o.o I actually didn't enter, but nearly all my friends did so I'm feeling the tension. Meep. Ooh, I like the sound of your snippets! :D And don't worry... whether you win or not, your story will still be awesome, I'm sure! ^_^ From the sound of those snippets. ;) Hang in there, darlin'! *hugs*

    1. Thanks Deb, your always so encouraging. *hugs back* I will try not to get to down, Thank you for commenting.