17 Jan 2015

Lindsey Stirling Style

I've been getting active this year. One of the things I wanted to do this year was get in shape.
    I have actually been successful so far in this. I have given up caffeine, which for me was like giving up a limb. I was working a lot and I would drink at least two coffees and at least three Pepsi's. I stopped though and I am feeling far better for it.
     I have also been exercising everyday, since we have a ton of snow and practically live on a mountain. My sister and I have been snowboarding down a sled track we made. It burns calories and it is painful. I got a little ambitious and decided to take the jump at the bottom. The first few times were fine, I couldn't land it but they were fine. The last time I landed on my right arm and heard some kind of crunch, nothing broke but I knocked the wind out of myself. I also hurt my arm and neck, but I am alright.
     I can still play violin at least, I have been bumped up to hour long lessons once a week, and my mom gave me the one she got for Christmas. ( My mom is the best) Which is a beautiful, restored violin that sounds amazing. So far the new year looks promising in productivity. I also did a huge book order on boxing day, so be prepared for a ton of reviews later this week.
      Well I hope that brings everyone up to speed. My cousin, Rachel wanted to do another shoot with me, and of course I said yes so here are some pictures featuring my violin.

We switched outfits, and in the last shot we were trying to be Lindsey Stirling. Now for a bit of an outfit post. I love this look, it it kinda artsy or something so.

Staring with such jealously of my cousin

This whole outfit cost me 21 bucks
    I got the sweater at Ardene's for free as part of a deal
    I got the tights for a buck there too
    The shoes were 20 bucks from the same place
    The shorts were my once favorite pair of jeans, don't remember where I got them there Guess.

I love chunky sweaters and tights, comfy and easy to coordinate. This is something I would wear more in the fall as opposed to the cold Canadian winter. As for makeup- eyeliner and mascara.
Hair- messy as per usual.

Hope you enjoyed, I will continue to try to post more.


  1. When I checked my blogger feed, I was so excited to find that you'd done a new post! I love Lindsey Stirling too, and this is a great post. Lovely pics. I didn't know you played violin. (-: It's a beautiful instrument.

    1. Thanks Elizabeth, :) it nice to know you enjoy my posts. Makes my day, It was a busy few weeks so finding time to post has been tough. As for the violin I have been in lesson's for about a month. I am still a beginner really, but I love it.

  2. These photographs are so cool! Having violins and cute outfits in the snow. Your year looks like it's had a good start. Now it's time to start mine...

    The Life of Little Me

    1. Thanks M, I hope you have a great start to the year too! :)

  3. You play the violin? That so awesome! It sounds difficult to me.

    The pics are neat too. :) Your outfit is really cute.

    1. Yes,I have been playing for about a month now, my teacher is really good and I can play quite a few songs.
      Thanks so much!