2 Feb 2015

A Q/A with William Blackwood

Hey guys, so as I am now rewriting my B&B retelling. I was hoping you could help me out. I need to get inspiration for William's point of view in the story, and as he's been a favorite amongst the readers and even a judge. I thought we could have some fun.

I thought that you guys could leave questions in the comments, and I or rather William could answer them. I know I don't have too many people following this blog, I am however extremely grateful for the ones I have. Ya'll are awesome. It would work better if each person could ask more than one question. Then I will have more material to work with. I even have a folder full of collected gifs and such. So if your interested, even if you don't know who William is feel free to leave a comment. I am hoping to do this sometime next week so there is no rush or anything.

It will really help me while I'm writing, so if nothing else you are supporting a struggling artist.


  1. Oh man. I have so many...
    1. How do you spend your day usually (when strangers aren't messing around your castle)?
    2. In the story we see you as a wolf-man, and vampire. Is it usual for you to turn out as different monsters? Do you have any control over that aspect of your curse? Do you turn into anything besides those two ever?
    3. What was your first impression of the girl when she showed up?
    4. Do you call her 'love' and all those terms of endearment to annoy her, or is that just part of your vocabulary?

    I know I had more, but I can't think of them at the moment. If you end up needing more, shoot me an email. I'll read through your story again and jot down any questions I have.
    I cannot wait to read the answers.

    1. Thanks Maddie :)
      These are great, I can't wait to answer them. Yes, I might need more so that would be awesome.

  2. Here are some of my questions:
    1) What does your castle look like?
    2) How old are you?
    3) Do you have a library in your castle?
    4) How would you describe your sense in fashion?
    Not very good questions I'm afraid, but I love details. (-:

    1. Thanks for commenting, they are great question's, I love details too.

  3. Hey William, what's the name of that giant teddy bear that you totally have had for hundreds of years??? Also, how do you feel about sunglasses? B)
    What's the weirdest thing to ever happen to you when you first tried doing magic? And when you're, say, a vampire, would eating garlic bread actually kill you???

    1. The amount of inside jokes, I am just sitting here laughing. I got a perfect gif for the sunglasses one.

  4. -What do you do to pass the time in that great big castle (almost) all by yourself?
    -Biggest fear?
    -Greatest loss?
    -Greatest triumph?
    -Happiest memory?
    -Do you like strawberries? (Had to be random there for a sec. XD)
    -What's your favorite season?

    1. These are great, can't wait to answer them :D