20 Feb 2015

A Three Day Novel

So I was on Pinterest the other day and I saw a link for a site. That claimed to have a technique for how to write a novel in three days. I of course clicked it more out of curiosity than anything. I was surprised after reading the post that, it seemed comprehensible and I kept thinking 'I could do this'.
 I at the moment have no pressing obligations. If I did it at the right time in the week, I could actually lock myself in my room for three days and have no reason to leave. I could pump out a first draft of a novel.
I told my dad about the idea, thinking he would laugh it off, but he was really supportive. I have to do certain things to ensure this works, one is actually shutting off the internet. He was really generous with this because he said I could and he agreed to let me buy the music I would need for writing on Itunes. I am going to delete my folder of movies and television shows ( temporarily). Basically, be rid of all my usual distractions.
My mom was helpful as well, because she is going to make sure I'm fed.
I am doing this. Today and Tomorrow are my planning days. I will be plotting and writing down everything that I can. I should also note this is for a story I haven't really talked about on here. It's a zombie story, sorry it's not the B&B retelling, but if this works it will be the next one.
So all of today and tomorrow, I will be researching Denver, Colorado and Wichita, Kansas these are both settings for the story. This is my first time writing a book that needs to be realistic and set in the real world, so I'm praying I can make it work. I have my hands full researching everything from, guns, rabies, weather, maps, nuclear fallout, and gunshot wounds.
The other day I yelled out to my parents that I was looking up Nuclear Bombs, and that the government probably had us tagged now. My mom simply  told me that it probably wasn't the best idea. My dad just yelled back, "Good now look up how to make one."
 He's nuts, anyway I am super excited to write this story. It's been rolling about in my head for about a year now.  Here are somethings that inspired it.

Lyrics for a song called Limelight

This song started the whole thing off though. Wish me luck as I will most likely descended into madness in the coming days.


  1. A novel in three days? Whew, I wish you the best of luck! :)

    I find myself researching stuff like that for writing as well--weapons and injuries of all sorts--and hoping that if it ever came to it, I could convince authorities that, "No, no, I'm not a criminal. Just a writer." XD

  2. I think it's a mad idea, but with God all things, right :)
    Yes, it's something I think about a lot because almost everything I look up is criminal related. Just a writer... :D

  3. Sweetness!! I haven't read the original post yet, now I want to. Good luck!!!

  4. This sounds awesome! I hope it goes well

    (You have the best Dad ever!)

  5. Oh man.... THREE DAYS... good luck!!! time to go listen to limelight again!!

    1. That song kills me, 'It hurts so much' :)