5 Feb 2015

Introuducing William Blackwood

I want to thank everyone for their wonderful questions. I got quite a variety and I am very excited to show you the many layers of my wonderful beast. I hope you all like him, he is quite horrible though so this is me apologizing for his responses. He can be flippant and sarcastic and those are his finer qualities.
I would also like to say that I have never seen the movie, that I stole the gifs from. I can now say after the gif hunting I had to endure I probably never will watch it. I am in no way supporting this film as it seems to be full of  rather * cough* bad content that would be far above my comfort zone.

That being said, William has been my favorite character I have ever written. He was inspired by some many of my favorite bad boys. Loki, Scar, and Howl. I am just happy some of you seem to love him as much as I do. Oh, and I have enough questions for more than one of these, so if I didn't answer all of  your questions have no fear. He will be back, and feel free to ask more if you didn't get a chance at first. (Last thing some of these 'gifs' have things that are modern, and that William would have no knowledge of. I am sorry I tried)

Okay, here he is.

1. -What do you do to pass the time in that great big castle (almost) all by yourself? and  How do you spend your day usually (when strangers aren't messing around your castle)?

Quite forward aren't they, I spend a majority of my time trying to break my curse. I also read and drink, not necessarily in that order.

2.-How old are you?

Older than I look. Too old for you, darling

3. In the story we see you as a wolf-man, and vampire. Is it usual for you to turn out as different monsters? Do you have any control over that aspect of your curse? Do you turn into anything besides those two ever?

Your curiosity is concerning, but I am obliged to answer. I have no control over which form I take or what I do when it takes over. I have taken many forms, all of them concerning people's deepest fears.

4. Biggest fear?  Really... Children of any respect

 5. What was your first impression of the girl when she showed up?

By the girl do you mean Belle, and that's a rather intimate question. Why the hell would I tell you.
Psst this was his exact thought when he saw her.

6 How would you describe your sense in fashion? Feral 

I have to cut in sorry, Will. Post curse he has a better wardrobe and starts looking like more of an English Gentleman. The song 'All Black' by Good Charlotte describes his wardrobe. "Take a look at my life, all black"

7. Greatest loss?


...My Humanity

8. . Do you call her 'love' and all those terms of endearment to annoy her, or is that just part of your vocabulary?
 I would never call Verda any of those terms of endearment, so take from that what you will, 'love'.

 9.-Happiest memory? My happiest memory, you don't ask for much do you, dear. Would you like me to cut out my heart and give you that as well... I've been informed that I am being incorrigible. Hang all of you. I refuse to answer

10.What's the weirdest thing to ever happen to you when you first tried doing magic? And when you're, say, a vampire, would eating garlic bread actually kill you???

I see the intelligence is waning, the oddest thing that happened to me when I began to practice magic. I tried to fly and ended up trapped inside a bird, but that is not a story I would like to tell. Garlic does not kill Vampires, that was a myth started by housewives. When I was a vampire the only thing that seemed to have any affect on me was direct sunlight.


11. In your opinion is there such thing as true love? No

 12.What do you see when you look in the mirror (how do you see/feel about yourself)?
      Would you like me to show you.

13. Do you like strawberries? They are not something I eat regularly, but I don't mind them. Belle loves them.


 14.What does your castle look like?
 It looks like a decrepit hut, but on the inside it is quite marvelous.

15. How do you feel about sunglasses? I think I shall keep them.

Okay that's it for now, William is rather irritated, so I think I better let him go.

I gave him a popsicle to calm him down. I hope you guys enjoyed that.


  1. Yep, I still love him.
    Don't make me wait too long for his next post, or I might die. He is so stinking cool! And his answers...I can't tell if I should be offended or in love xp well done!

    1. He he good :D.
      I'll try not too. Both is probably good he is such a brat, and so offensive.

  2. The last question/answer! XD

    William is an awesome character. I love his voice and sass. His story sounds very intriguing too!

    1. Ya he likes them, Thank you, he is full of sass. I'm glad you think, so if you ever want to read it I could send it to you.

  3. oh my GOODNESS at the sunglasses one. I'm still laughing. It's been like 5 minutes. Hey, he's got a friend in the Uncle, that's for sure! ;D These were so fun to read the responses for!

    1. I know, he looks great. Him and the uncle would be great friends, they could look deadly and fabulous together. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  4. Numbers 2 and 4--haha, those were great! And yes, a popsicle...can't really see him holding one, though. A little too reminiscent of those children he's scared of. XD
    (Seriously, though, that movie looks downright creepy. *shivers*)

    1. Thanks, Yes the popsicle. He is such a child I believe that is why he is so afraid of them. :D
      Yes, very creepy...

  5. When is your book going to be published?! I love this character already... Hehe, I love his snarky sense of humor, and the sunglasses quote. XD What movie are all the gifs from, btw?

    1. Hopefully soon, I simply have to add in William's point of view which should be a blast. I'm outlining it and marking all the extra bits I'm going to throw in so I hope to be done it in less than a month. Here's to hoping :) he is one of the funnest character's to write. I believe it's called 'Only Lover's Left Alive' I think it was actually based off a book or something. I initially was going to watch it, but from my gif search I found that it has loads of profanity and some nudity. So I was like "Pass"