28 Feb 2015

Three days of Writer's Block

I'm back and I failed to conquer my ambitious decision to write a book in three days. I tried, I turned off the internet, I got rid of any other distractions. I made a mood setting playlist, I had a folder of images that inspired the story. I made an outline, and one for every five scenes. I made a list of items I would use, and in my mind I know the whole thing from point A to B. Everything down to the broken glass on the floor, the car he drives, every gunshot, and every tear.
    I'm not sure what stopped the words from coming and I know writer's block isn't an actual thing. Its all in your head right, while my head  refused to give me anything.

The first day I wrote about 2,000 words

The second I got 500

The third day 1,500

What I did get down I was not happy with, it didn't have the feeling or sound I wanted it to have. I chugged back ginger ale, and ate an ungodly amount of potato chips. I don't know why I couldn't get it right. I found the perfect gif set to describe those three days. While I was gif hunting for Walter (he is the MC)



 There it is in a nut shell, it wasn't all for naught though, I learned that I can write at least 2,000 words a day. I might not be a fast writer but something is better than nothing. Oh, I am also going to let you see some snippets because there are some parts I quite liked.

Stretched out on my queen sized mattress, I do the worst thing I could possibly do. I think, I contemplate, and I wish. I wish for so many things, my parents, a normal life, and death. Death eludes me more than anything. It also terrifies me. It's funny because even though I wish I was dead. I'm scared to die. I smoke two cigarettes and think of dropping a lit one. I think of letting the fire eat me and this house out of existence.
I dangle my arm over the edge of the bed, holding the but just over the shag carpet. Instead of dropping it I place it in a sooty cup of water that sits beside the bed.
I'll live to die another day.- Joyland

It was then I realized that someone had inadvertently saved me. If whatever people hadn't come along and shot them, I would have been eaten, dead or alive. Instead I was sitting  legs 'criss cross applesauce' in the midst of putrid corpses. One zombie was too close for comfort, I nudged it away with my foot and its head lolled my direction. It was an ugly cuss, with bulging bloodshot eyes and oozing skin.- Joyland

The emptiness gets me, Malls were always places full of life, to see one empty in dead is an experience that still gets me. I wander around most of the merchandise is gone looted or sold .It's slim pickings, but this particular mall has been closed off for a while so I might find something in the back rooms. Graffiti  covers the walls, black sloppy letters forms the message. 'We are watching' for some reason it makes me laugh.
        Like a child's attempt  at a joke, but he forgot the  punch line.- Joyland


  1. Aw! Well, at least you tried. cause I still haven't read the post on pinterest XP But DO NOT STOP WRITING IT. I fell in love with the first snippet. I love that. I love it so much.

  2. Thanks, I did :) He he, I won't I'm glad you love it :D. Will definitely keep writing

  3. That's too bad you didn't get as far as you wanted to... but congrats on 4,000 words! The parts you posted sound so isolated and so lost... poor guy

    1. Ya, but 4,000 aint bad, yup he has a dark sense of humor so he gets on alright. Remember Limelight though, his life is a sad story.

  4. Ack, I know this feeling...but when it's not happening I guess it's no point trying to force it, right? I try not to put myself under too much pressure to preform and I actually diiiiiie when I turn off the internet and totally cut myself off. THE PRESSURE IS TOO MUCH. Xd haha. I like to reward myself with internet or movies or something. *nods* BUT STILL. I loved those snippets.
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. Its a horrible feeling. I die too, the internet is basically my life, and I hate being cut off. Thank you :)
      I love your blog, you got me reading Splintered. The *FEELS* and Morpheus he is just perfect.