9 Mar 2015

Beautiful People: March Edition

I really enjoyed doing the linkup last time so I thought I would do it again. If you don't know what Beautiful People is it's a monthly blog meme hosted by Sky@ Further Up and Further In  and Cait@ Paper Fury

I decided to use William *sigh* again, if I have been talking about him too much on here I'm sorry, but in all honesty he won't leave me alone. He pesters me day and night, he feels I abandoned him which is only half true. I did go on a bit of a Netflix binge, but he will have to get over it.

I hope, I don't make everyone hate him. I hate him, the ungrateful brat, anyway. I thought I would conduct this one like an interview between him and me, because they can be fun if not tedious. So I hope you all enjoy.

 Okay question number one. What is your secret desire? 

To have you actually work on my story, instead of making pathetic excuses and eating. You are getting fat.
Well, I see we're off to a great start.  
 Second question, what is the best and brightest moment you experience during the story?

Don't talk about me like I'm made up I find it distressing.

I find you distressing.

I am not a story.
'We are all stories in the end'

You just quoted that from that ridiculous show you are enamored with.

 It's true.
  Third question, What are the emotional places you are afraid to go to? 


  Hey sit down, if you don't answer it I will.


   I mean it!

There was that time when I somewhat lost interest in living.

He was incredibly suicidal.
  Is that Shakespeare?

 You have a dazzling intellect.

 I like this one, is there a place/city/room where you will never go?

I have been thrown out of lots of  places.

You know what they are asking, stop stalling.

Fine, 2120 Burrow Street.

That's it, you aren't going to tell them why.

It was a long time ago.


Question five, If you were permanently leaving town, what would you easily throw out? What would you refuse to part with and why?

Pretty much everything, I can always get more things.

Show them you have a heart.

I'll indulge you, I would refuse to part with Belle, everything else is replaceable.

That's sweet.
 I would need a cook.   

Question number six. What do you want consciously and tangibly?

Those are large words for you, are you sure you understand the question.

I could say the same for you, well...

  Peace... peace from your endless questions.

Oh, I see, well let me answer this one. William seeks love and acceptance and if he wasn't an incorrigible beast. He would've found it sooner.

That was uncalled for, I mean really a 'beast' how original. 

Moving on, on the other hand: What do you need( on the emotional, subconscious level)?

He needs to forgive himself.

I enjoy my self hate it keeps me grounded

It's triumphed only by your ego
Jealous, Love

Question number eight, if you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

That would mean I would need to have faults.

*snort*  I could give you a list, stubborn, moody, self centered, rude...need I go on

I thought those were some of my finer qualities  

Are we quite done.

Two more, What is the most humiliating event of your life?

This interview


Fine last one, What things do you turn to when you need hope?

You of course my Authoress, the one who always promises hope, before you crush it and me all with a devilish grin on your face.

It's tough love and character development, please stop being such a child.

I'm off to do violin lessons, so I hope everyone enjoys a glimpse into my sad mental state.



  1. William is awesome. A bit full of himself, but you know. . . some characters- ahem- people are like that. I think he's great. He acts independent, but I can see why he would always be pestering you to write his story.

    (I'm sitting in the library and this aggravating person keeps making loud bird calls so that it echoes through the building. I can't believe one of the staff hasn't told him to stop yet. Who does that in a library? Okay, sorry. . . that had nothing to do with anything. . .)

    You play violin! I remember now. You posted some pics once. That is so cool!

  2. I'm glad you like him :)
    I am always worried someone will get offended or something because he can be rude.
    That's funny and terrible. Why would someone do that, bird calls in a library. People can be weird :D
    Ya I'm still a beginner, but I'm getting better.

  3. He is so stinking amazing!! I love him. You could never tire me of him. Never.

    1. Thanks, William enjoyed that boost to his confidence. Not that he needed it.

  4. Wow, I think I'm gonna like this guy! Very fascinating character study, this gentleman. :D
    Thanks for visiting my blog! Feel free to come by any time... I'll keep visiting here too!

    1. Thank you so much, I find him fascinating to write and annoying. Your welcome :D
      Sure thing :)

  5. I'm laughing SO HARD
    imagining him with a giant teddy bear is 5 times more hilarious after seeing how stuck up he is here!
    (also that gif where he's got the vampire teeth is pretty nice ;D )

    1. MUah ha ha, omigosh I am still going to draw that, you get to see that side of him. Most of the time he is horrible.
      ;) I knew you would like it.

  6. Ha! What a great character. Annoying, yet funny with it. Although I imagine he doesn't AIM to be funny... :)

    1. Thanks, he is so annoying especially to write. No he doesn't, he just is naturally.

  7. This is hilarious and awesome and I love William already. XD His answers (and your interactions with him) are so perfect and hilarious in a sad, dark, awesome way... Also fabulous gifs. :D Thanks for this! <3

    1. Thank you so much :D, I'm so glad you like him.

    2. Lol he's funny. XD I'm assuming he looks like Tom Hiddleston?

      Stori Tori's Blog

    3. He is quite the charmer. Yes, he does look like Tom Hiddleston. I was very inspired by how he looked as a vampire, and thus William was born.

  8. THIS. This is hilarious.

    That is all.