11 Mar 2015

Netflix Tag

So I saw this tag, and I was like I have to do it. Netflix is one of my bad habits that I don't intend to break. I like my big scoop of fake reality, thank you. (As always, I do not support or agree with all the content in  mentioned media. Viewer discretion is always advised.)

All Time Favorite

Doctor Who or Sherlock, okay it's Sherlock. It's genius, it's British, the only draw back is we have like nine episodes, nine! I should say something about how deep it is, or the great camera work. All I got is, I love it!

Current Addiction

The 100, to be honest I make fun of it as I watch it, but I really do like it. I was late to the party with this one, but I watched two seasons in three days and I am eagerly awaiting the second part of the finale which is tomorrow.

Once upon a Time, this is one of those shows that I will watch until the end. Even though I swear the writers throw ping pong balls with story ideas at a wall or something. I mean right now we have Maleficent, Ursula, and Cruella De Vil duking it out with Snow White and Prince Charming.
It's as ridiculous as it sounds.
I watch for Rumpelstiltskin who is the best character.


BBC Robin Hood and A Team the show, and The Blacklist which for some reason isn't on the Canadian Netflix

Pet Peeve

When my Dad starts watching a show I was watching,and he passes me and makes me forget which episode I was on.

Marathon Essentials

Pajamas (preferably a onesie) snacks, drinks, and a fuzzy blanket.

You Should Watch

I'm bad at this and I don't like recommending things. If you like King Arthur, Merlin.
Sci fi, Star Trek: Next Generation they took off the original, but with Leonard Nimoy's death. I am hoping they will put it back.

Live long and Prosper.

I tag anyone who reads this.


  1. This is awesome. :)

    I don't have Netflix, but I do know some of these shows.

    Sherlock, forever and always! Yes!

    I've seen the first season of Once Upon a Time, when there used to be Blockbuster. I loved it, but have been unable to watch the rest. :( If I had Netflix, I would watch it. I would probably also watch Agents of SHIELD and Macgyver. All the time. Oh, and the Mentalist. I would get even less done then I do now. :P

    1. Aw too bad you don't have Netflix, it has so much to watch.
      Sherlock is amazing!
      The first season is the best, but their version of Peter Pan is awesome and he is in season three.
      I want to watch Agents of Shield, love Macgyver. The Mentalist is great, I've only seen season one, but I love it.
      It is a means of procrastinating.


    I actually haven't seen any of the other ones. I'm not a big TV person (movies are more my thing), but Sherlock is the one exception. I have a bunch of friends who insist that I must watch Doctor Who and Supernatural, so I'm sure I'll get on that someday.

    I also don't have Netflix. So. :-P

  3. Sherlock is the best! I fangirl about it all the time. I have seen only two episodes of Supernatural, I haven't plunged into that fandom yet, but I'm on the edge. If I didn't have Netflix I wouldn't watch much T.V either. It's a bad habit of mine :)