13 Apr 2015

777 Writing Challenge

I found this over at Tracey's blog http://traceydyck.blogspot.ca/

It's a tag of sorts where you go to page seven of your story, and find the seventh line and post seven sentences. Then you tag seven other people. It's fun and everyone gets a peek into everyone else's work. Okay I am kind've cheating because I have two stories I am working on so I am posting two snippets.

The first one is from my Zombie story that is tentatively titled 'Joyland'. Stephen King has a book with the same title so I now feel forced to find a new one. Walter is explaining how he navigates and survives his postapocalyptic world.

'They might be wary of me, but that wouldn't stop them from following me home. I have multiple places around the city that I have stored things in. Safe places to stay the night. I feel far safer back in my old suburb. It's a way out of the city and has its own town center with some useful stores. I always try if I can to get back there. My house is the last thing I have that isn't tainted or covered in bloody memories.'

 This one is of course from my B&B retelling, which if you follow my blog. You may have noticed it's mentioned every second post. It is really strange telling the story from William's view, it will take some getting used to.

 'The first time the curse took effect, I was a mere lad working my way into a man. I was to entertain a young lady. Clarisse a Countess, I was not allowed to consider anyone less. My parents may have died, but there was still my uncle and the odd aunt who held fiercely to etiquette and propriety. I hardly knew her, we had met once before. Even then we had only exchanged the briefest of pleasantries. Someone who held sway over her life, decided she would be a good match for my money.'

It is so strange writing Will's past. Pre curse, before Belle, before he grew a liking for black and sarcasm. Okay I lied he was always sarcastic. Really though it's like I am taking this man and slowly destroying him. It's quite painful.


I tag

Maddie J

Elizabeth D

Sarah Faulkner

Andrea Nan


Brittney Johnson

Ashely G


  1. Yeah! You tagged me! I was hoping you would because this tag looks so fun!
    ~Sarah Faulkner


    1. Yes, I'm glad you wanted to do it. It is lots of fun. :)

  2. A postapocalyptic world sounds...scary. *shivers*
    And ooh, a snippet from William's POV! It's cool to peek into his backstory. :D But ouch, yes, I can imagine there's some painfulness going on too.

    1. It is scary, I have to admit. I freak myself out writing it.
      Yes I'm glad I could finally share some of it. I do a lot to him, no wonder he hates me.

    2. XD
      But maybe he'll like you a little bit by the end, once happiness comes his way. ;)

    3. Perhaps, it's a big maybe though. :)

  3. Eek! Thanks Skye! This looks like so much fun! Love your snippets.