29 Apr 2015

Favorite Screen Characters Tag

This is my 100th post,  I thought that was a cool fact.

Tracey  tagged me, Thanks :D.

So the rules are.

List your ten favorite screen characters.

Tag ten other bloggers.

I just want to state how impossible this will be, I mean ten. I have so many. I actually called my Dad , because he is my movie and T.V buddy. I told him how I couldn't pick, and he was like' I got this.' So according to my Dad( he was so right), this is how the list would go and yes it is goes by favorite.

1. Loki
 I love this character, when I saw 'Thor: The Dark World' I lost it when he supposedly died. On the car ride home all I could talk about was Loki, and his awesome lines. My brother was like, "Skye, you know he is evil right," and of course I was like, "He is misunderstood, and if you had his life you would be evil too." He is definitely number one, evidence to this is.

I didn't have to go on Google to get a picture of him.

I made a book character based off of Tom Hiddleston, because of Loki.

My brother got me this for Christmas.

 2. The Doctor
I love all of the Doctors, but Tennant is my favorite.  I go on and on about 'Doctor Who' and sometimes I curl up in my Tardis blanket and cry about it. It is a fantastic show.

3.  Captain Jack Sparrow

According to my dad, Jack once held top spot, but apparently fell a bit because they haven't made any new movies. My dad knows what's up.  He is the longest contender though I mean, he has been a favorite since I was twelve.

3.Phil Coulson
 I am supposed to clarify, that I haven't seen 'Agent's of Shield'.  I love Coulson based solely off his cameo's in all the superhero movies, I've loved him since'Iron Man' his deadpan humor is the best. When he died, I was in absolute denial, and apparently I was right. I hope he is in 'Age of Ultron'.
   I named my cat after him, which makes me incredibly happy. I smush my cat's face whenever we watch 'Once' and say "There you are, Dearie."  Rumple is just awesome, I still love his character. Oh and also.

5.Mal Reynolds and Castle

Mal Reynolds is hilarious and shiny, and I am still mad that 'Firefly' was cancelled.

I cheated, ha ha. My dad said Nathan Fillion and well he plays both.
I only watched the first four season of Castle then I dropped it, because the show wasn't funny anymore and all the reasons I watched it disappeared. I love the first three seasons though.

6. Han Solo

 I like almost every character Harrison Ford plays. He is back, I am so excited for the new 'Star Wars'.

7. Howl
I am so proud of him for remembering this one. Howl is hilarious, the movie is good, but the book is better. 

 9.Thranduil and Legolas

My dad was all like "We can't forget the blonde ones, the elves." I was like "Yessss," its all about the hair.

10. Major William Cage
This one is an inside joke, see it's not like I actually like Tom Cruise. Even though I have seen a lot of his movies. I mean 'Knight and Day', all of the 'Mission Impossibles', and 'Jack Reacher' are all great movies. See the thing is when me and my Dad watch his movies, our favorite thing is when he gets hurt or almost dies. We're not morbid, it's fake and it's not like we really want him to die. We just  find it hilarious because he always plays the hero, and for some reason seeing him die or get punched is comedy gold. That's why, 'Edge of Tomorrow' is a new favorite,  he dies over three hundred times and in some pretty funny ways. It's was marvelous and a great movie. My mom even liked it.

Okay, well that was enlightening, no girls. I wonder what that says about me. I am sure I forgot some important ones on this list. Like Sherlock, Stiles,and Tamaki Suoh. I could go on all night.
Anyway, I don't have time to tag anyone. So if you would like to do this tag, go ahead and do it and leave a link in the comments. I would love to read it.



  1. Congrats on 100 posts! *throws confetti*

    LOKIII. He is such a deep and multi-faceted character. He's somehow fascinating and hilarious and evil at the same time.

    Jack Sparrow, oh my word, yes. XD He's terribly amusing.

    Ouch, Phil Coulson. That was definitely a feels-shredder.

    I recently saw the first two episodes of Once Upon a Time, and the minute Rumple began to speak, I was intrigued. (Plus, his tones of voice are amusing.) Haven't really worked out yet which side he's on, but I suspect he's the sort who only works for himself.

    THRANDUIL AND LEGOLAS. They almost made my list! Verrry good choices. :D All in all, a great list, Skye! I'm glad you did this tag.

    1. Thank you! Yes, that explains him perfectly, I love him.
      Jack Sparrow is always amusing, XD. Yes Coulson, I was so mad that they did that to him, he was always my favorite.
      Ah, so your new, * evil smirk*, yes the way, Robert Carlyle acts Rumpelstiltskin is intriguing to watch. He would definitely lean more to the villainous side, but you are right he is definitely for himself.
      Yes the elvsies, Thanks :). I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for tagging me.

  2. Yes! I live this post!

    Loki is awesome! Okay, I've never admitted in "real life." Because my brothers would look at me like "you've got to be kidding." And my parents gave thus liking the bad guy angst. But you're right he's misunderstood. And besides...he's adopted.

    Jack Sparrow! At first I didn't like him because he's such a coward, but he is so hilarious! He says some pretty wise stuff for a pirate. Also a lot if what he says, I find relative to writing. I don't know why.

    Rumple! He's awesome. I've only seen the 1st season of Once Upon a Time though. I might go crazy!

    I wouldn't have thought of Han Solo but he's awesome. He's the character who ends up with all the cool lines. XD

    I might just have to do this tag sometime. It looks like fun.

    1. :D Well you admitted it on here so at least I know :D My parent's and my whole family know, they bug me a bit, but for the most part they are just like 'Ya Skye's weird'. Yes very misunderstood and adopted, poor Loki. :)

      He is very wise, I like that he is also somewhat insane too.

      I hate to say this but the first season is the best. Rumple's character stays awesome though, but the show is unraveling into craziness, I will never stop watching it though. I am committed.

      Love Han, Everytime I say 'I love you' to my Dad, he says 'I know' and I'm like 'Okay Han Solo.' :D. He is such a fan boy.

      You should, I want to see your answers.

  3. I LOVE LOKI He is completely misunderstood. All he wanted was parental attention, and everyone knows it's easy to be messed-up if your parents ignore you. *cries for Loki* He didn't meeeean it. (Okay, he totally did. But I really really hope he comes back into the Marvel movies OR I'M GONNA EXPLODE. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH.) Anyway. Also, yes and yes to Jack Sparrow. He's been a favourite of mine for years and years. And maybe the lastest pirate movies aren't as good BUT I'M BIASED TO LOVE THEM BECAUSE CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW.

    1. Yes! Yes he so is, yes all evil apparently is made by parental neglect :D. * Laughing* he so did, but that just makes me feel worse for him. Me too I was so mad that he isn't even going to make an appearance in 'Age of Ultron. I know right, I watch and re watch them for Jack, they weren't as good, but I still love them :). Thanks for commenting.

  4. Hehehe yeah, Loki's got a special place in the Marvel universe for me. The movie version of him is so much better and more interesting than the old comic version of him!
    I'll just comment my faves here because I don't have a blog lol
    1. Greed from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (no spoilers from me, but DANG what a good character)
    2. Eiji Nizuma from Bakuman (he's really good at making manga, It's inspiring)
    3. Isaac and Miria from Baccano (these are all going to be anime, aren't they) (they're priceless)
    4. L from Death Note (I don't feel like I need to explain this one)
    5. Sunako from The Wallflower (-nosebleeds-)
    6. Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho (the shortest, most angry black haired character you will ever meet)
    7. Kotetsu from Tiger and Bunny (he's just the greatest dad)
    8. Gandalf from Lord of the Rings (I just watched this and remembered how amazing he is. Hey, it's not anime this time!)
    9. Claire from Daredevil (I haven't watched the whole series yet on Netflix but she is super great so far)
    10. Matt from Daredevil (he's super great too!)

    1. Well it's good to know, that he is better than his comic counterpart. I love how you are so educated on all things Marvel, you are the best :)

      Thanks for doing the tag, reading your answers made me so happy :D.
      I so need to watch FAB, when I'm done Death Note.
      That one is on my list too, I wanna watch Baccano too, if only there was more time in a day.
      Yes, L would've made my list, but I told myself no anime characters, because it would just be a whole other list.
      Sunako, yes all the nosebleeds,that show is so bloody. XD
      *Gets out Pen* Tiger and Bunny, must watch as well.
      Gandalf is a boss, he will always be my favorite wizard.
      I am going to be watching Daredevil, so stoked. Heard it's great.

  5. Congrats on 100 posts, yayyy!!! :D YOU ARE AWESOME.

    Oh my goodness, I love almost all of these! (And the ones I don't love, I just haven't seen: Rumple and the Tom Cruise guy. XD)

    I'm not a total Loki nut but he is extremely enjoyable to watch and I love him in his own way, Ten is the BEST (did I tell you I read a book The Penderwicks in Spring and there is a character named Skye who gets given a Doctor Who sweatshirt with her favorite Doctor--Ten--on it for her birthday? THIS MAY BE AN ALTERNATE UNIVERS YOU. XD), Jack is hilarious, Coulson is cool, MAL AND CASTLE I LOVE THEM BOTH, Han Solo yes, and I just need to alksdjfkdjfkj about Howl and Thranduil (and Legolas)!

    So yes. You have superior taste. ;) Thranduil and Mal are totally making my top 10 when I do it! Because I was tagged too and totally need to do that post this week. o.o And don't worry, love: I don't have any girls on my list either. XD

    Awesome post!

    1. THANKS DEB, you are always so sweet :)
      You like Loki that is enough, he is an acquired taste. He is, O my goodness that made me so happy. *Fangirling* yes this girl is me, AU me this is so awesome I must read this book! Thank you for telling me that made my day.
      I know they are all so awesome and Howl is alksdikjkjk, I would marry him.
      Thank you :) I can't wait to read yours! Yes, I am not the only one I was concerned.

  6. PHIL! Lol I KNEW he didn't die in the Avengers, long before I knew Agents of Shield would be a thing. My dad didn't believe me, but WHOS LAUGHING NOW?? XD haha awesome list!! I agree with everything, except 7 and 10, because I don't know them (well, I know Tom Cruise, but y'know). ;D this is such a fun tag, ohmygosh. And I love that you got your dad to help! ^.^

    1. ME TOO! I refused to even hear that he died, I knew it before Agents of Shield too. Thanks, no worries I didn't know a couple on yours too. It is a fun tag, lol he got really into it too. He was arguing with me, about which ones I was more obsessed with.