20 Apr 2015

Just Another Day at the Office

I sit on my bed, with my laptop balancing on my thighs. The words come fast, I type without looking at the keys. The words slow gradually then stop. I read my disjointed thoughts and erase them with a push of a button. My hair falls over my eyes as I face plant on the keyboard.

"That's not attractive, love" The heavily, accented voice does nothing for my mood.

I refuse to lift my head, "Go away, I'm moping."
"That you are, for near a week now." He was standing right by my bed, but I refused to acknowledge him.
 "What is the problem?" His laborious tone, showed just how much he didn't care.

 I peak at him through my hair. I could only see his black suit jacket. "Oh, nothing just me, I 'm a waste of space."

"I see your being dramatic...again." He swiped a hand over my duvet before gingerly sitting.

I lift my head and blow wayward strands of hair out of my face. "You are so unhelpful."

He looks with unchecked disgust at my room. " I abhor sympathy" He smirks at me, his green eyes glinting devilishly in the dim light.

"I abhor you then." I spout back, his thin frame somehow managed to crowd the end of my bed.

"Now I am concerned, that held none of your usual scorn." He leaned up against my wall, and studied me. "Perhaps, a change in your surroundings. This room is dreary, and it is starting to smell."

I kick at him, "Your sitting on my foot."

He begrudgingly adjusted.

"For your information, I like it dreary it inspires my inner poet." I said with a practiced brooding look. 

"Pathetic, you hate poetry." He said in his most condescending tone.

"Shut up, stop pestering me or I will do something." I  mumble, clicking through folders on my desktop at an attempt to look busy.

"Idle threats,"  He brushed a hair off of his jacket. "You have written nothing for a month."

I pick up, one of the books that lay by my bed and throw it at him. It bounces harmlessly off his shoulder, sadly it had been a paperback.

He picked it up, "'Ink Spell', sounds dull." He leafed through the pages, "It seems to be just another distraction to keep you from your work."

"You're a distraction, and if you don't leave me alone. I will make Belle leave you."

He sighed and shut the book, "You couldn't possibly do that."

"I don't see why not." I said, with a sharp glare.

"Because you're not angry at me, your anger lies with yourself." He said it with a pitying look I would love to see smacked from his face.

I stick my tongue out at him, "I hate it when your right." I sigh dramatically. "What should I do then?"

"Your asking me?" He said, his sudden modest tone infuriates me.

"No I'm asking my cat." I roll my eyes, and go back to ignoring him.

"I only exist in your imagination, I can't tell you something you have no knowledge of."

I nudge him with my foot, "Indulge me."

He manged to look almost contrite, "I imagine writing would be a great start."

"I imagine you are a nuisance,"  I said bitterly, but of course he was gone.

He had been pulled back into his world.A world built of white pages and black ink. A world I try to make sense of everyday.

He had been as always, incredibly unhelpful.




  1. I just realized you have a blog and I was not following it like the horrible friend I am! D: All this time I've been missing out on all this Skye goodness. I love this place! And this post. I hardly know anything about your Beast but I kind of already love him...like a lot. (It doesn't hurt that he's portrayed by Hiddles. *cough*) This was awesome! Our charries are such nuisances, aren't they?

    1. Ekkk Christine is following me! Fan girl moment, because I adore your blog, writing, and just you are awesome. Skye goodness, I like that. Thank you, thank you so much. I'm glad you like him, :) he drives me crazy. Yes, that seems to help a lot actually, he already has a small fan base. I think Hiddles is definitely the reason. Yes, they are :D

    2. Oh my! O_O You just made my day! I would have been following earlier if I wasn't so blonde. YOU'RE the awesome one, girl.

      So much Skye goodness! :D

      Hiddles is a definite bonus but it was YOUR brilliant brain that made him awesome! I can already tell his personality is so fun, so dark and snarky. You do amazingly capturing him!

    3. Good, you need to know how awesome you are. Nothing wrong with being blonde ;)
      There you go being sweet again :D
      Thank you so much, I chose Hiddles because I told myself that if I had to write a love story, I had to make it someone I would find attractive, so He was my first choice. :)

  2. I saw the gif in the thumbnail of my notifications, and so when I started reading the (beautifully written) post (that I really love), I imagined Hiddleston, like I was supposed to. But, since I haven't been here that long, I had no knowledge of your book. In fact, I only realized that it was portraying you writing your fairytale retelling when I read Christine''s comment. Lol so when I read "I'll make Belle leave you," I thought you were writing something about Once Upon a Time, and talking to Rumple. XD Ha! aaaanyway, this post is GREAT. And I love that gif. ^.^

    1. That is awesome! :D that you thought I was writing about Rumple, that would be so cool. I love that imp. The funny thing is I was going to mention Rumbelle in the first draft, but I cut it. I guess I should have added something to keep people from getting confused, silly me :). Thanks, I had a blast writing it.

  3. I love your characters. Especially the Beast (eh, William, right? I'm terrible with names :P). He's so snarky, yet indifferent. I'm glad I'm not the only one who interacts with my characters. (I like how you use Hiddleston gifs for him too. . .).

    Yeah, not being worth the space you take up. I've been there, a lot actually. Kind of still am. But I think that when we do nothing, we don't take up much space. Nothing doesn't need that much space. But when we do something meaningful, when we write, or do whatever it is that "we" do, then we take up glorious, vast spaces. Maybe humans were meant to take up a lot space. *shrugs* I don't know.

    Yes! Oh, please write the B&B story (I forget it's actual title, I am so sorry). I want to read it so bad. When you have your first book signing, you must tell us! ;)

    1. Thank you, Yup William is his name, yes, yes he is. Me too, I thought this post might make some people question my sanity, so I'm glad someone relates. Yay for Hidddles.

      That was beautiful, and I have to say you are a marvelous and wonderful person. You are definitely worth the space you take up in this world. :)

      I shall write it, no worries it's 'Bleeding Roses. You can read the short version if you want. Aww if I ever do you shall be the first to know. :)

    2. Is the short version on your blog?

    3. No, but I can email it to you. :)

  4. I love these things where writers interact with their characters! XD So awesome (not to mention hilarious, what with all his snark). I was imagining Tom Hiddleston's voice every time the Beast spoke. ;)

    1. I love them too, I think Miriam Neal did one I while back that I loved, but I was reading Ink Spell and that was what inspired me to do it. Thanks :D, that is perfect.

    2. That's right, she did one like that too. Ink Spell...that comes after Ink Heart, right, or am I thinking of two entirely different things? :P
      (Well, his voice fits the Beast really well!)

    3. Yup 'Ink spell is the sequel to 'Ink Heart'
      I agree :D he has a marvelous voice.

    4. I read that trilogy a long time ago, so thanks for helping my memory. XD I don't remember how it ended, just that I didn't like it. Hopefully it's not as bad as I recall! :P
      He does! ;) And it's amazing how he can pull off both a bad guy like Loki, and a really awesome person like the captain in War Horse.

    5. Your welcome, eek now I am anxious for the end. I mean the last book is called 'Ink Death' so there is that.
      Yes. he is one of my favorite actor's. I haven't seen War Horse, maybe I should check it out.

  5. William fanclub 2k15, if you join you get a big stuffed bear and a folder of unlimited Tom Hiddleston gifs (may or may not include the vampire version of him) come on Skye make it happen

    1. You have no idea how happy your comment made me :D. I miss you! I will do this, I will print out pictures and draw sketches of William and get a giant teddy bear and mail it to you. Or show up at your door, and throw confetti at you, 'Welcome to the Fan club." Since I won't be able to do that for awhile maybe I will just spam your email with gifs XD.

  6. Oh my goodness aldkjflskdjfkdjfkj this was the most absurdly brilliant and hilarious and awesome post I've read in awhile. You and your awesome Beasty are fabulous. <3

    1. Thank you, you always say such nice things. We are Fabulous, rushes off to tell the Beasty. <3