4 Apr 2015

The Greatest Sacrifice

I almost forgot about Good Friday, and trust me I don't feel good about that. Good Friday and the Easter weekend mean more than any other holiday to me. Because it's the day my life was saved. The day all of our souls were pardoned and given the free gift of forgiveness, if only we accept it.

The idea that the creator of the world, loved us so much he sent his son down to die for us. It still baffles me, we are sinful creatures by nature. Yet he forgives us again and again. To me that is the purest form of love there is. To give everything to someone who deserves nothing.


  1. Happy Easter, Skye! That's a beautiful picture there, by the way. :) Yes, when we actually stop and remember how much it means to us...it's just amazing.

    1. Happy Easter! I stole the picture off pintrest :) I loved the quote. I know it's overwhelming.