29 May 2015

A Dream Not Imagined Blog Tour; Character Interview with the Step Sisters and Giveaway

You guys may have remembered the Cover Reveal I did last month. Well the book it's for is now available. I decided to join in the blog tour celebrating it. Don't forget to check out the other blogs participating, and enter the giveaway for a chance to read 'A Dream Not Imagined' for free.

For my part I opted to interview the Stepsisters.

1. What do you consider your greatest achievement?

Dezmarie: I would say the level of beauty I have achieved. I have my hair brushed a hundred strokes twice a day—notice its glossy sheen? I wash my face in ice-water every morning. I make certain that mother purchases only the finest oils and perfumes to use on my skin. And of course, I’ve learned which colors best flatter my eyes, skin, and hair, and wear only those colors. I’m certain I could have my pick of men—dare I say, even the prince?

Adelaide (uncomfortably): Uh . . . I know what it is to be the lady of a household. An achievement that any nobleman would want his wife to have, I’m certain.

2. What is your most treasured possession?

Dezmarie (tossing her head): Once again, my beauty. Without beauty, what does a woman have?

Adelaide (ignoring the smirk thrown her way): Noble birth. Look at Ellie; she’ll certainly be an old maid. With my family’s higher status, I am able to attend the balls and gathering needed to find a suitable husband.

3. What or who is the greatest love of your life?

Adelaide (chimes in eagerly): I would like to say the prince will be my greatest love!

Dezmarie (scoffing): Please, Adelaide. Hmm, though there’ve been men in my life, none could be called my greatest love. My greatest wish is to find that man who could be.

4. Which living person do you most despise?

Dezmarie: Ellie. She’s a nuisance more than a help. (She pressed her lips tightly together)

Adelaide (gives her sister a brief reproving look): I don’t particularly have any enemies. But I the dirty peasant lads who nearly run into me and brush against my skirt in the street are a grievance.

5. What is your most marked characteristic?

Dezmarie: My eyes and auburn hair are always noticed, I’m told. People usually notice my poised appearance and perfect skill in all things having to do with social gatherings as well.

Adelaide (starting to sound quiet and timid): I don’t quite know. I’m almost as tall as my mother, who presents quite a stunning and imposing figure. I-I don’t know what else about me would stand out.

   6. What is the quality you most like in a man?

Dezmarie: He needs to be rich and quite handsome of course. I prefer blond hair on men.

Adelaide: Assuming he’s nobility, I would like him to be kind and gentlemanly.

7. On what occasions do you lie?

Dezmarie: Whenever it best suits my interests. To avoid confrontation with mother when she’s in a bad disposition. To get what I desire. To make me look better. (She plays with her nails, appearing as though she doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her)

Adelaide: I try not to lie, of course. Dezmarie used to bribe me to when we were children . . . She still does sometimes. (Casts Dezmarie a miffed look)

8. Where would you like to live?

Dezmarie (loftily): In the royal palace. Definitely somewhere finer than my current household.

Adelaide (carefully): Somewhere comfortable and beautiful. I don’t mind living with Father, Mother, and Dezmarie now; our home is quite suitable. But would like to marry soon.

9. What is it that you most dislike?

Dezmarie: When other girls are more beautiful than myself. (Jealously mixed with something else runs over her face)

Adelaide: Rats. I despise rats and any kind of rodent or insect.

10. Which living person do you most admire?

Dezmarie: Well, if I must choose, I might say my mother. She’s done well enough with her life; though I’m certain I could do better. And she commands a certain submission.

Adelaide (ducking her head): I don’t know many people very well. I’m sure I will admire the prince when . . . if I meet him. I do quite admire my neighbor, Lady Burch’s, glamorous style. She has fine taste in gowns and hats.

About the Book

A MAID, a PRINCE, and a DUKE. A GARDENER, a STEPMOTHER, and a secret...

     Ellie Abbington, a beautiful yet unassuming young woman, quietly longs for her life to change. Too privileged to associate with the servants—too underprivileged to associate with her own family; she dreams a dream of a prince and a happily ever after.

     But it could be that her own stepsisters, conniving Dezmarie and easily-influenced Adelaide, are dreaming the same dream...of the same prince.

     In the end, are dreams even all they're made out to be? Especially with deep and long-hidden secrets about to be unearthed?

A Dream Not Imagined is a non-magical fairytale novella based loosely on the classic tale of Cinderella.


About the Author

     Shantelle Mary Hannu was born in the mountainous west, spending her golden childhood years there. Since then, she has relocated time and again with her parents and seven siblings, making
cherished memories in both the South and Central United States.
     A Christian homeschool graduate, Shantelle has a passion for writing and all things books. From a young age she’s been penning tales with a hope of sharing with the world adventurous and soul-stirring stories that bring glory to God.
     A Dream Not Imagined, a fairytale novella, is her first published book. She’s currently preparing a full-length fantasy novel for publication as well, and working on its sequel.
     Shantelle blogs at A Writer’s Heart: http://shantellemaryh.blogspot.com/ about her stories, favorite books and movies (with reviews), healthy wheat-free recipes, and hosts fellow authors, among other things. One of her joys is connecting with fellow writers and readers! You can also find her on:

Twitter: @shantellemary (https://twitter.com/shantellemary)

Pinterest: Shantelle H. (https://www.pinterest.com/h0160/)

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  1. Oh my goodness, what a fun idea! :D I loved reading this interview -- great questions, Skye! And such insightful answers, oh stepsisters (and Shantelle)! ;)

  2. Thanks Deb, it was fun. I love the stepsisters, the little villains.

  3. :D Hehe, isn't it fun?? Dezmarie cracks me up sometimes because she's such a snob! ;p

    Thanks for doing this, Skye!! It was incredibly fun!! :D I actually hope to write Dezmarie's and Adelaide's stories someday, so this interview really helped me delve deeper into their characters! :)

    Thanks again, and blessings!! <3

    1. Yes it is :) Dezmarie entertains me for sure!
      Your welcome, I had lots of fun doing it. Ooo awesome, I would love to read that. :D
      Your Welcome <3

  4. Replies
    1. It's a great retelling, I really enjoyed reading it. :)

  5. How neat! Those two seem quite different from each other, don't they? XD Adelaide has a streak of likeable-ness, from what I can tell. :)

    1. They really are, I found Adelaide the more redeeming one, but Dezmarie is so outrageous in her thinking you can't help but laugh at her.