4 May 2015

The Interuption

A cold hand settles on my shoulder. I scream and jerk away, flinging my computer and ripping my headphones out.  A frenzy of electronic music leaks out the speakers. I look up and scowl, "William how many times- he grabs his ears, and gives me a pained look.

I roll my eyes, and pause the music.

"Hell's Teeth! What was that screeching?"

"It was just dub step... you know what, never mind." I close the tab, "What?"

He looks around with slight amusement.

I hold up a finger, "Don't say it."

"You've cleaned." He said with his ever so patronizing grin.

"Yes, I am not always a slob."

"I was unaware."

I give him a forced smile, "Look I am kind of busy, and I don't have time to deal with you and your sarcasm."

"How you injure me." His hand touched his chest with platitude.

"If only," I said swatting at him.

He ignored my half hearted attempt at hitting him, as he leaned over and squinted at my screen.

"You have only written a paragraph."  He scoffed.

I bit my lip to keep from telling him where the next paragraph was going to send him.

"I am not fond of  it." He said, his brow wrinkled.

"Of what," I said popping a chip in my mouth.

"This chapter," He said, giving me a piercing look.

I smiled and patted his cheek, "I'm so glad I don't care."

He straightened, "I thought we had agreed that, this particular part of my history would not be told."

"I made no such agreement. " I mumbled around my half eaten chip.

He crossed his arms over his chest, " I won't let you write it."

"I am aware, I have had no end of troubles writing it, but I promise you it will be told." I typed another three words to prove my point.

"I am struggling to grasp, why you would want to." He said looking put out.

"It shows people another side of you, it shows them what shaped you." I held out a chip, but he shook his head.

"Sounds dreadfully dull, I'm sure there is something more sensational to be found." He pulled at the string lights around my headboard.

"People want pain, they want realism, and I am giving them that." I said, gesturing dramatically to prove my point. 

"At my expense of course."

"Of course," I chirped, "and the expense of  my sanity."

He was quiet, which was always a cause for concern.

"I thought you were over it." I said softening my voice.

"One never gets over something like that." He flipped through my scrawled notebooks, his face dark.

"It wasn't really your fault, Will."

He met my gaze, his eyes glazed. " I killed her," he whispered. "I fear it was my fault."

I took a quick breath. "I am sorry."

He slammed the notebook shut, "I am more concerned with the fact that you keep mentioning my love of, as you would say 'Blondes'. Do you want Belle to torture me with that."

I smiled "You were upset that she wasn't her sister, who is in fact blonde. I'd say they are your preferred type."

"Perhaps before, but 'blonde' or not her sister is a viper. Not someone I would choose to associate with, so I can assure you. I have amended my ways."

"Hardly, you may have Belle fooled, but I know you." I said, snatching back my notebook.

"Do you, and what exactly does that imply." He manged to look almost concerned.

"You are an insufferable sot, and you always will be, love." I did my best imitation of his accent, putting emphasis on 'love'.

He chuckled,"That was almost passable, but now I will have to sit here and pester you." He pulled out my piano bench and sat down.

"No, no I take it back, just leave me alone." It was well after midnight, and I needed peace.

He smiled."Then I suggest, you rethink you current course." He studied his fingernails.

"I refuse, to be bullied by you. It took me along time to write this paragraph." I tried to sound strong, but my voice came out as more of a whine.

"I have time." He said looking relaxed.

I clenched my jaw determined to show him, who was in charge.

We sat in silence, his look was that of a self satisfied prat.

"Fine," I spat."

He stood up with a wide grin.

I hit the back button, slowly erasing my lines.

He bowed mockingly, and with a "Thank you, love." he was gone.

I let go of the button and smiled. "I won't write about 'blondes' anymore."

I allowed myself a small feeling of victory, before I go back to the tedious process of writing.

 And that my dear readers is why I have such a hard time writing. I'm not sure what to call these post so if anyone had any ideas. Feel free to state your opinion.





  1. Ahaha, your interactions with him are too funny! I love it! And then we get a glimpse of sadness. :'( Poor guy.
    Hmm, what to call these posts? Good question. Off the top of my head, all I've got are "Character Interruptions," "Character Interactions," and "Character vs. Author." None of which are particularly brilliant. :P I'm sure you'll come up with something great!

    1. Thanks, yes there is a great deal of sadness hidden underneath his sarcasm. I like those titles, and as for me coming up with something brilliant. Doubtful :D Thanks for reading!

  2. I loooove these posts! They are my favorite. ^_^ *huggles William* Poor guy, but he is also such a spoiled jerk--in an awesome way. XD And poor you for having to put up with him. ;) I AM SO CURIOUS ABOUT HIS PAST AND HIS STORY. And I agree: Character Interruptions sounds cool. :D

    1. Thanks :) I am so glad you like them. He is though, he is quite the handful. If you want to read the short version, I would love to send it to you. I was liking Character Interruptions too. :)

  3. Mwhehehehehehe this is scary accurate. Your poor characters!!!! Murders and blondes and snarky characters! The whole shebang. :D Thanks for stopping by Curious Ramblings !

    1. :) it happens alot. Yes I am quite mean to them, thank you.

  4. This is too funny! I love it, and it's scarily similar to how I interact with my characters in my head.

    1. Thank you! I am so glad I'm not the only one. :)

  5. This is perfect! I love Will so much, he reminds me a bit off Hook from OUAT. I've got to say, you developed him really well in your story, and he's one of my favorite characters. It's always really awesome when he makes an appearance on your blog. (-:

    1. O my goodness :D. You have no idea how happy that comment made me, I actually, squealed I love Hook. This is the best thing anyone has ever said about one of my characters. Just, you are awesome *Hugs* thank you so much. You just made my month :)

  6. Eh, they're character encounters, I guess. . .?

    "I'm so glad I don't care." XD That was the best part. How often does one draw a good comeback to match William's?

    This is awesome. :)

    1. Yes, I suppose they are.
      It almost never happens, but it is great when it does.