15 Jun 2015

Summer Writing Camp #2

 So it's time for another prompt, the wonderful Ashley G run these over at her blog, and it goes until Friday so you have time to join. She did one too, and as always it was brilliant and you can check it out Here
this is the prompt

 Isabella held the worn hardback, keeping with the ruse that she was reading. She was distracted, and after she had reread the same sentence over into oblivion. She had given up, her nerves were shot. The jostling of the tracks did nothing to sooth her.

"What'ch you figure?" asked the heavily accented voice beside her.

She glanced over spitefully at Charlie, His outrageous hat and mismatched finery didn't capture her attention like it had when they were young. His mopish yet styled hair, fell over his icy eyes.

"I don't know," Isabella replied honestly. She looked over the other occupants of the train, they were quite a few Princesses with Cinderella being the favorite, at least five Red Hoods who were chatting amiably with the wolves. She saw a couple Hatter's but they paled compared to Charlie's authenticity. Even now they were sending sharp looks their way.

"They haven't got a chance," She said quietly more to herself than him.

"You think." He said eagerly, a small hopeful smile quirking his lips.

"Of course stupid, you come from five generations of Hatters." She rolled her eyes and returned her attention to her book.
She was worried however not for Charlie but herself, everyone here seemed to already know what role they would play. She was the only one who seemed lost.

" I could say the same for you." Charlie said without moving his face in her direction.

They were sitting next each other on this train still pretending to be strangers. Simply because no one was supposed to know each other at Tale's End.

"That doesn't even make sense, I don't have a category I will be lucky to score a side character." She  tried to pretend as if it didn't bother her.

"Yes, you do," Charlie glanced over and winked, "Your brilliant you are."

 Okay so I have my violin Grade 1 exam in two days and I am freaking out guys
A little prayer would be appreciated.


  1. Fairytale characters on their way to Tale's End? I don't know what it means, but it's cool!! XD Oh, speaking of stories, I'm slowwwwwwwwly working my way through Bleeding Roses. It's very good (from what little I've read), I'm just unusually busy. Hehe just in case you were wondering. ^.^

    1. It's from a book idea I have, it involves all the fairy tales. It's a mess plot wise though, thanks! :D
      No worries, I'm just happy your reading it. I have been super busy too, thanks for the update though.
      I hope you enjoy it, :)

  2. This is awesome! I love the different fairytales and all the Hatters. Are they being sent to different books to play the characters? The quote at the end is awesome! Also I love how you said she read the same page over into "oblivion." I've done that before, and that's exactly what it feels like! You read it often that it just doesn't mean anything more.

    1. Thanks, they are going to a school to compete to be in different books. It's from a Taylor Swift song.
      That was something I experience a lot glad you can relate.